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Why sponsor?

Read here the "voices" of our sponsors of Paracelsus Medical Private University.

"From all the things we do, the support for the Paracelsus Medical Private University has the absolutely highest level of sense for me. It is well known that the university hospital has access to the best doctors, the possibility for research, which again benefits directly and indirectly the citizens of Salzburg. The best medical care should have a high priority for every provincial capital."

Dietrich Mateschitz, Red Bull


"The Paracelsus Medical Private University is for me the proof that through visions, courage and, respectively, a lot of work something great can be created. I consider my donation to Paracelsus Medical Private University, on the one hand, as an investment in the research and study and, on the other hand, as an encouragement for the initiators and founders of the university to continue to follow further their visions. The house of research and study must embody in a smaller scale what has distinguished AO Österreich* with all their colleagues for decades: The search for solutions for improving the patient care through research, innovation and training. My investment in this university will bring fruits when this spirit settles in the house of research and study. I wish to the young university much thirst for knowledge and exciting content in the study."

Hansjörg Wyss, Synthes


"We support Paracelsus Medical Private University because we see the active support to the health care as an important contribution for the understanding of our social responsibility."

dm Drogeriemarkt GmbH


"We support Paracelsus University because the personal commitment is the basis of both economic and scientific successes."

KR Gebhard Klaus Hinteregger, G. Hinteregger & Söhne Bauges. mbH.


"We support Paracelsus University because the best education of the young people is very important to us."

Dr. Leonhard Schitter, Kaindl Holzindustrie


"This university is future-oriented. We invest in the future."

Mag. Claudius Neumayr, Segafredo Zanetti Austria Ges.m.b.H.


"I support Paracelsus University because it aspires to top-level medical services and thus enhances the overall image of Salzburg."

KR DI Wilhelm Klepsch, Senoplast Klepsch & Co. GmbH & Co. KG


"We support Paracelsus University because we see in it an opportunity to make a modest contribution to the health care. The research spirit of the university corresponds to our idea of achieving goals that are above the ordinary."

Ing. Christian Wozabal, MBA, Wozabal Textilservice GmbH & Co KG

"The commitment to the health of our patients starts already in the cooperation with renowned research and study institutions. That is why we encourage and support Paracelsus University."

Dipl. Kfm. Dieter Schön, Schön Private Foundation