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Nursing Science 2in1-Model

The bachelor degree study in the Nursing Science 2in1-Model is a cooperation product of Paracelsus Medical Private University and selected schools for general health care and nursing care, for psychiatric health care and nursing care, and for child and young people health care in Austria. With this, the partners offer an innovative educational offer for the nursing professional field, compliant to European requirements.

The optimal structure of the study contents makes it possible to obtain, in only seven semesters (210 ECTS), both the university graduation as Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN) and also the certificate for general health care and nursing care, for psychiatric health care and nursing care, and for child and young people health care.

The bachelor degree study in the Nursing Science 2in1-Model was re-certified successfully in November 2014 by AQ Austria for a duration of six years.


Scientific environment

Paracelsus Medical Private University ensures science funding, practice-oriented research competence and both inter-professional and international orientation already from the first semester. The cooperating health care and nursing care schools guarantee comprehensive special competence of their teachers and to didactically high-value teaching. All this together is a guarantee for a pleasant and personal learning environment in which the quality is the highest principle and the individual stands in the centre.

Flexibility and freedom of choice

With the health care and nursing care diploma to postdoctoral graduation!

The graduation from this study offers best possibilities for further development in the healthcare field and a higher qualification is possible at any time.

Professional chances and fields of activity

A leading goal of the university is to educate its graduates as professional and competent healthcare providers with scientific expertise.

The dynamic changes in the field of healthcare and in the society require innovative and competent care in the areas of healthcare, prevention and consulting. This can be ensured only by professional healthcare specialists who have knowledge in both the practical care and the scientific area.

Therefore, the bachelor course of study in the Nursing Science 2in1-Model provides abilities, skills and competences in the healthcare and nursing education as well as a scientific qualification. The versatile professional field of the nursing practice and nursing science opens attractive fields of activity in the healthcare and nursing facilities, health insurance companies, ministries, publishing houses, health-consultant groups and medical companies in the nursing sector and also freelance work.

This education corresponds to the basic understanding of a professional occupation at international level.

After the successful completion of the study, all opportunities for professional activities specified in GuKG 1997 § 35 are open to the graduates in their capacity of graduated healthcare and nursing professionals:

  • Freelance
  • In employment relationship to a hospital
  • Employment relationship to other institutions under physician or nursing management or supervision, which serve for the prevention, diagnosing or treatment of diseases or aftercare, care for the handicapped, for people in need of care, or providing blood or blood components, or offer other healthcare and social services
  • In employment relationship to freelance active physicians
  • In employment relationship to public or religious institutions offering home care and rehabilitation services
  • In employment relationship to a physical person.There are also many possibilities open for specialisation and further education in accordance with GuKG 1997. On the basis of their academic graduation as bachelors of science in nursing, the graduates can work professionally on a freelance basis in the following work fields or in employment relationship – as a rule in the sense of "change agents" – in the healthcare field in:
  • Hospitals, old people nursing homes, outpatient healthcare,
  • health insurance companies and nursing care institutions,
  • ministries,
  • consumer bodies, Charity organisations, public health departments,
  • publishing houses,
  • health-consultant groups or medical companies in the healthcare sector.
  • In nursing science fields of activity in the development cooperation areas or in transition countries

Specific features

Internship abroad:
Currently there are cooperation agreements with study courses in nursing and nursing science (schools of nursing) of University of North Florida/USA, the Louisiana College/USA, the Old Dominion University in Virginia/USA, the Brock University in Ontario/Canada, the University of Adelaide/Australia, the Khon Kaen University/Thailand as well as the University of Stirling/Schottland. The university as a whole has also other renowned international cooperation partners.

Optimal student support – mentoring:
The students stand in the centre. The educators should be not only knowledge mediators, but above all also mentors who continuously support the students in acquiring the necessary skills and competences.


Study start

Always in October

Study duration

7 semesters, 210 ECTS


  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN) – a subsequent master’s degree program is possible at Paracelsus University
  • Certificate in the general or the psychiatric healthcare and nursing care

Contents, goals

  • Curriculum for healthcare and nursing according to the law
  • Science funding
  • Practice-oriented research competence


  • Competence-oriented learning and teaching
  • Practice-oriented education, practice nationally and internationally
  • Practice-oriented research
  • International exchange of students and lecturers (e.g. with the University of North Florida)
  • Individual support through small study groups

Study structure

The study is designed as a full-time study program with attendance hours, self-study and internship phases.

The theoretical and practical learning contents are condensed by a consistent interlinking of the contents of the healthcare and nursing care education (in accordance with GuKG 1997) with the nursing science contents This permits to graduate both from the practical care education and the scientific expertise in a study period of only seven semesters.

The study plans for the Nursing Science 2in1-Model

  • General diploma in healthcare and nursing care
  • Psychiatric care diploma in healthcare and nursing care, and
  • Diploma in children and young people healthcare

can be found in the download section.

Admission prerequisite

General university entrance qualifications (higher-school certificate/school-leaving examination or university entrance examination).

The university entrance examination consists of five separate exams: Mathematics, living foreign language, biology and at least one additional selective speciality (depending on the choice of the candidates, ranging from the area of their desired field of study, their professional prerequisites, or the professional fields of activity corresponding to the study).

Application and Teaching Hospitals

The healthcare and nursing schools are integrated in the teaching hospitals. This is because the practical experience has the highest priority in the structure and the orientation of the study: The formulations of questions are generated from the practical everyday work and the results are then transferred there. The Institute of Nursing Science and Practice is particularly proud of having established for the first time nursing science teaching hospitals.

The application takes place through the cooperated healthcare and nursing care schools:

    Landeskrankenhaus Vöcklabruck
Contact: Dir. Mag. Dagmar Einschwanger, MBA
Tel.: +43 50554 71-21803

    Landeskrankenhaus Steyr
Contact: Dir. Mag. Heide Maria Jackel, MBA
Tel.: +43 50554 66-21801

      Psychiatrische Gesundheits- und Krankenpflegeschule
an der Nervenklinik Linz
Contact: Dir. Mag. Margit Wimberger
Tel: +43 5 055462-21841


Landes-Frauen- und Kinderklinik Linz


Contact: Dir. Martha Böhm

Tel: +43 5 055463-21821

Klinikum Wels-Grieskirchen
Contact: Frau Dir. Mag. Karin Zauner
Tel.: +43 7242 415-2510

          Kardinal Schwarzenberg’sches Krankenhaus Schwarzach
Contact: Frau Dir. Mag. Agnes Wimmer
Tel.: +43 6415 7101-2710


Dr. phil. Joachim von der Heide, M.A., Dipl.-Pflegepäd. (FH)
Institute of Nursing Science and Practice
Program Director bachelor studies

Phone: +43 662 2420-80320
Mobile: +43 699 14420018