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Alumni Magazine 2013

"Alumni" is a Latin word translated as pupil, stemming from "alere", nourish.
In the 13th century, the concept alumni was used for poor pupils of the convent schools, who were given food and accommodation. With these benefits, the church was giving the poor people anopportunity for education. The opportunities for education at Paracelsus University are in fact very good. This is shown by the professional development of the former alumni.

On the occasion of its tenth year of existence, Paracelsus University published an alumni magazine for a first time. The stories of ten alumni are portrayed there. There are definitely many more exciting stories of other alumni, but this only a beginning.


Interest to reading?

You can browse the first issue in E-Magazine. We wish you a lot of fun in the reading!


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The university would be pleased to receive your opinions and suggestions under paracelsus@pmu.ac.at