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Institute for Clinical Innovation

Head: Hubert Kastner

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the university in January 2013, the Swiss entrepreneur Hansjörg Wyss, a long-time friend and sponsor of the university, made an incredibly generous anniversary gift of five million Euros. By initiative of the rector Herbert Resch, an exciting idea presented itself shortly: to create a completely new hub for clinical innovation within the university. The rector knows very well from his own experience the problems related to the practical implementation of ideas. Where is help available? Is the idea good for creating a marketable product? Is the implementation technologically possible and economically reasonable? These and many other questions confront the people with ideas, and just there the Institute for Clinical Innovation would like to be a competent partner.


The goal of the Institute for Clinical Innovation is to establish itself as a kind of a "hub" for healthcare innovations which are open to all that are interested. The target group for this is considered to be quite diversified: along with the physicians as generators of ideas, both innovators from other areas of the healthcare as well as "men and women from the street". Within this central hub, it will be possible in the future for both internal and external inventors to create innovative ideas, to discuss and test them.

In order to meet these demands, among other things, the comprehensive infrastructure of the "Innovation Workshops" of Paracelsus Medical University is available. For this, the well equipped wet lab as well as the superbly equipped prototype workshop – including CNC milling machines, laser welding device and 3D printer – are available. In this way it is ensured that technical innovations can be developed and crafted within the institute up to their "prototype status".

Along with the development, support and the actual production of innovations, in the final analysis they also have to be evaluated. For this evaluation of projects and ideas, the institute can use a wide network of physicians, scientists and industry partners. The projects and ideas, which are evaluated by the "Project Review Board" of the Institute for Clinical Innovation as realisable, financeable and eligible for support, need subsequently also comprehensive support until they are ready for the market.


In the teaching area, the students in human medicine and the Dr. scient. med. study program must be taught the basic principles in relation to the realisation of new ideas in the professional field. The main focuses in this respect are the innovation teaching, the correct cooperation with industry partners, the subject of job-related inventions, the securing of a given idea by patenting (copyright) and the basic steps to be performed in order to go from the idea to a product. These contents are brought closer to the students from the 2015/2016 winter semester within the framework of the block lectures by Prof. Dr. h. c. mult. Robert Frigg, institutional board member and scientific research fellow at Paracelsus University. The concrete six-hour teaching event is devoted to the subject "From the idea to the product" and takes place within the framework of the lecture "Scientific competence (WIKO)" in the second year of study.

Team and contact

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Johann Fierlbeck
Institute for Clinical Innovation
Head of Innovation Workshop

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Michael Krieghofer, LLB. oec.
Institute for Clinical Innovation
Law & Economics

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