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Postgraduate students support program "Discite!"

The in 2015 newly created program for financing the places for postgraduate students within the framework of the Discite! program will, on the one hand, support the scientific doctorate education at the hospitals and institutes of Paracelsus Medical University (PMU) and, on the other hand, allow to cover the cost of living expenses of the supported doctoral candidates within the framework of a job position, which is foreseen also by other institutional funding authorities.

The Latin name of the program signifies the objective: Discite! means "Learn!" and it supports the postgraduate education at doctorate level at Paracelsus University. The scholarships are awarded within the framework of a competitive application procedure and are linked to the person of the doctoral candidate.

Discite! has the goal to support the doctoral candidates in such clinics and institutes, for whom sufficient third-party funds for covering their living expenses during the first year of study could not ensured, whereby as a result of the already demonstrated scientific performance on their own initiative in the clinic or the institute the acquisition of the corresponding funds for the next year can be expected. In the end, Discite! is supposed to facilitate the start of dissertation projects that otherwise could not be or could not yet be realised. The 50% co-financing of the personnel costs of the postgraduate student with own funds of the clinic or the institute (match of funds) for developing the dissertation project is a prerequisite for the funding and must be available when the application is filed.

The target group of Discite! are persons who have been admitted to a postgraduate doctorate study at PMU. The applicant is the habillitated PMU-affiliated mentor of the respective postgraduate student. After the end of the one-year support period, the financing is continued through granted external research funds, project cooperation or other financial support means.