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Research Documentation

Research databases and integrated research information systems are used by researchers and research units to overview, manage and document the portfolio of their research activities.


PMU-SQQUID (Scientific Qualitative & Quantitative Integrated Database) is the Research Information System of the Paracelsus Medical University. Here all researches are listed with their scientific CV and all their publications. Also all scientific organizational units of PMU Salzburg, the University Clinic Salzburg and the University Clinic Nuremberg can be found here.

Your contact persons for PMU-SQQUID are Ms. Natalie Eichler and Ms. Mag.a Dorothea Kölblinger, MAS

Science Report

With the science report 2021, a new annual publication was launched in which the most important key figures on science and teaching are presented. You can find the most recent report (2022) here (German document). This shows that the PMU is a high-performing Medical University that works closely and successfully with the Salzburg University Hospital and the Nuremberg Clinics. The PMU is proud to present the winners of the Research and Innovation Awards with their outstanding achievements in this report.

The first research report published in 2015 (document in German) of the Paracelsus Medical University (PMU) in cooperation with Universitätsklinikum Salzburg (SALK) contains research achievements of both institutions as well as information about the research development, main research priorities, research funding and scientific awards and events.