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Tools for Accessing Articles

The PMU University Library has licensed the software solutions LibKey Nomad, PDF-Finder, and Endnote Click for its users, which significantly simplify and speed up access to e-journals and the articles they contain.

Browser-Plugin LibKey Nomad

LibKey Nomad is a browser extension for accessing library resources where they are and get you to the content fast. It provides direct access to free articles and articles licensed by the PMU University Library in databases such as Web of Science, Cinahl, and PubMed, as well as publisher sites, Wikipedia, and Google Scholar. LibKey Nomad is available to use in a variety of browsers, provides direct access, and only needs to be installed once. LibKey Nomad automatically detects if an article is available and displays a full-text button.

To install LibKey Nomad:

  1. Visit and click the icon for your browser.
  2. After adding the extension to your browser, be sure to select Paracelsus Medical University from the
    dropdown available on the extension set-up page.
  3. The LibKey Nomad logo  will be displayed in the upper right hand corner of your browser window.
  4. After the extension has been added and you’ve selected Paracelsus Medical University, you’ll begin seeing
    “Download PDF” buttons when looking at article abstracts.

PDF Finder

PDF Finder makes it easy to search for articles by DOI (digital object identifier) or PMID (PubMed ID). If the article is available via the PMU University Library or via open access, you will see the article link or the option to download the PDF.

Endnote Click

EndNote Click (formerly Kopernio) is a free web browser extension that helps users find and download PDFs from legally authorized sources such as publishers, open access repositories, and other document archives. EndNote Click works with PMU’s subscriptions to provide access to subscribed journals. If no subscription access is available, EndNote Click will try to provide a free alternative, such as an open access version or preprint. For more information on setting up an account, click here.

Document delivery services

For obtaining literature that is not available in the university library, you can use document delivery services. In general, the services are mainly limited to journal articles. The ordering is not done by the library.

subito is a fee-based direct delivery service to which many academic libraries from Germany, Austria and Switzerland are affiliated. You can request copies of journal articles & book excerpts. Some libraries also support the lending of books and other media.