All e-books can be accessed through the online catalog of the Paracelsus Medical University. The terms of use for e-books are defined by the publishers and thus can vary greatly. The library licenses e-books via the following platforms: Elibrary, EBSCO, Ciando and Thieme.

E-books on the EBSCO platform can be read online or offline. To download the file (read offline) you must create a user account (free personal registration) and install the Adobe Digital Editions (download here) or the Bluefire Reader (download here) on your PC.

How to use it: For a short tutorial on accessing e-books via EBSCO, click here. Information about offline use (borrowing) of e-books can be found here.

Ciando e-books
Ciando e-books can be downloaded with the free software Adobe Digital Editions (download here). No software is needed for reading online in your browser window.   

Within the PMU/SALK campus network, e-books can be accessed without registration. Off campus, they can be retrieved via registration on the Ciando platform. Instructions for registration can be found here. You must register with your PMU or SALK e-mail address! If you already have an account, enter your credentials at "Login with user account".

You can read your e-book online or download it to your computer. Please note that books have either a loan period of 24 hours or 336 hours. The loan period is indicated once you have selected the e-book. Books with a loan period of 24 hours cannot be used by more than one concurrent user.

Read Online: Individual pages are displayed. These can be printed but not saved.
Lending (download): The e-book is downloaded to your device. You can search within the full text. Parts of the text can be copied by "copy and paste" (10 % in 7 days). The e-books do not have to be returned, they expire automatically after 24 hours or 14 days. After the download, the e-book is protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management). You can only read it on the device on which you have downloaded it. If you authorize your devices with your Adobe ID, you can copy the e-books to multiple devices. If you do not have an Adobe ID, you can register at the following URL: www.adobe.com/go/digital-editions-createID_de

Support and information can be found on the Ciando platform under the "FAQ" tab.

On this platform you find e-books for pharmacy. All licensed e-books can only be read online, no download possible.

Thieme eRef HNO
is an online collection of e-journals, e-books, images and reference works for the otorhinolaryngology community. The collection includes titles from various medical fields, such as Thieme’s Prometheus Atlases as well as the medical series Checklisten-Reihe.

If you have further questions, please contact the library.