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Instructions and workshops

The library offers regularly training sessions on fixed dates. For groups of 5 persons or more, we offer the sessions listed below as well as other workshops by prior arrangement. If you are interested in training, please contact us.
Brief descriptions of the library instruction sessions can be found below.

Training offer:

Introduction to the University Library of PMU:
This course provides an overview of what the University Library has to offer, the lending modalities, an introduction to using the online catalog, online journals and an overview of the databases available.

Introduction to the PubMed database:
In this workshop, you will receive an introduction to the most important medical literature database PubMed (Medline). You will become familiar with how to access PubMed and understand its content/structure. Furthermore, you will learn how to conduct searches using a medical index (MeSH Terms), save permanently search strategies, and set up alert services (My NCBI). With hands-on exercises on the PC!

Introduction to the OvidSP Medline database:
The following program features among others are offered: Comparison of Medline via OvidSP vs. Medline via PubMed, advanced search strategies, practical limitation of the number of hits, Medical subject headings, access to full text, personal accounts, saving the search strategy, setup of alert services. With hands-on exercises on the PC!

Introduction to the CINAHL database:
At this session you will get an introduction to the database CINAHL (Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature). The database offers literature references from manly English language journals on nursing, nursing science, and healthcare. You will become familiar with the key functionalities of the database: advance search strategies, optimizing search strategies, managing search results, researching in the thesaurus, alert services. With hands-on exercises on the PC!

Conducting effective research in databases:
You will get an overview of the Database-Infosystem (DBIS). A selection of licensed databases will be presented such as UpToDate, Medline, Web of Science. How to search them will be demonstrated on the basis of search examples. Furthermore, it will be explained how to access licensed full text.

Introduction to the reference management tool EndNote Basic:
At this workshop you become familiar with the software interface. In addition, the following functions and tools will be introduced by using hands-on exercises: Manual creation and import of references from databases, internet, etc. into EndNote Basic, the management of references, the creation of references and bibliographies in Microsoft Word, automatic formatting of the bibliography.

Searching in Web of Science:
This multidisciplinary bibliographic database comprises bibliographic data from journals, proceedings, etc. from the natural sciences and technology, the arts and humanities as well as from the social sciences.
This workshop offers an introduction to the research strategies and techniques through practical search examples, the management of the researched data, output options and alert services. The special features of this database, the search for citations of scientific articles (cited references), which enable citation analysis (Who cites whom? Who is cited by whom?), and the creation of citation maps as well as citation reports are demonstrated.