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Seminar for medical managerial staff

The seminar Medical Managerial Staff (for heads of departments and hospital management staff) consists of five basic modules and additional in-depth modules. After the successful completion of the 1 to 5 basic modules, a teaching certificate is issued. If, in addition, the 1 to 3 in-depth modules are completed, the graduation is recognised by the Vienna Hospital Association as education in management for department head positions.


The success of a medical manager is based on three qualifications:

  • Special competence
  • Social competence
  • Methodological competence

The seminar of Paracelsus Medical University in cooperation with the Academy for Medicine and Management takes into account these requirements by means of an adequately designed curriculum. The seminar is based on five basic modules. In addition, three in-depth modules in the medical economy area are offered.

Main contents

  • Training in basic operative and strategic management
  • Public appearance in difficult situations
  • Handling conflicts and difficult situations of the employees
  • Physician's liability (organisational, legal and forensic aspects)
  • The use of quality management methods in the medicine

Contact, information & application

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