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Medical Didactics Seminar

The intensive research and development in the medicine have brought an enormous growth in knowledge and understanding. Because of this, the medical specialists play a particularly important role in their function as teachers of theoretical knowledge and practical know-how. The knowledge transfer from the accessible knowledge, through the application of the knowledge in the learned situation, and up to the transfer of the knowledge in the professional everyday activity is the highest level of knowledge transfer. The Medical Didactics Seminar of Paracelsus Medical University especially qualifies for this challenging task.

In the seminar, new knowledge and learning methods are not only conveyed theoretically but are also applied. In this way, the current didactical know-how becomes accessible and thus it is sustainably learned.

The taught contents reflect the current pedagogical know-how. In the center is the constructivist paradigm, which makes the individual disposition of the students a particularly important factor in the learning success.

The formal graduation awards a certificate from Paracelsus Medical University with a valuation of 4 ECTS. The seminar is approved by the Austrian Physicians Chamber with 16 DFP points (free subjects) per module.


The goal of the Medical Didactics Seminar is to provide a thorough introduction to the medical didactics as a preparation for the own teaching activity in medical education.

It aims at developing a special competence in the planning and conducting of teaching events (lectures, seminars) based on the familiarisation with the

  • learning theories and the scientific findings on the subject of learning motivation
  • methods for active transfer of knowledge on the basis of social interaction with groups
  • Possibilities for the application of SOL (self-oriented learning)
  • Know-how in the area of examination management (examination methods, formulation of questions, development of examinations)
  • Applying new media as well as presentation methods in the teaching

The learning outcome is an independently prepared teaching concept which every participant is developing for a self-selected teaching event.

Through this theoretical and practical analysis, the participants find or establish their own teaching personality.

Target group and admission prerequisites

Target group

The seminar is aimed at employees of

  • Paracelsus Medical University
  • The Salzburg university hospitals and the teaching hospitals of Paracelsus Medical University
  • The natural sciences faculty of the Salzburg university, which is active in the teaching area, as well as
  • Persons with medical education who are planning to work in the teaching area and
  • Persons who have already had some teaching experience at other universities and would like to acquire an additional didactic qualification within the framework of their habilitation.

Admission prerequisite

The prerequisite for participation in the Medical Didactics Seminar is a completed university study program in the specialist fields of medicine, nursing care or natural sciences.


Prerequisites for the graduation

  • Submission of the sub-concepts
  • Submission of the main concept
  • Final presentation
  • Attendance quote of at least 80 per cent; modules 1 and 4 are mandatory
  • On-time payment of the course fee

Notes for post-doctoral participants

The certificate from Paracelsus Medical University contains a total of 100 hours. 4 x 12.5 hours per module count as didactic education. The teaching concept is creditable as teaching activity.

Contents and structure

The seminar is on a learning-while-working basis and is divided in four modules, each consisting of 1.5 days.

The theoretical input is conveyed by active methods and is prepared and deepened individually by the development of an own teaching concept by the participants. Here, they learn a number of effective teaching methods and find adequate methods for their teaching activity and contents.

First module: General introduction to the teaching and teaching planning
Secondmodule: Examination forms, examination modality
Third module: Rhetoric and learning in team
Fourth module: Presentation techniques and presentation of the teaching concepts

The active, interesting and constructive cooperation in the blocks is an important prerequisite for the optimal teaching success.

Contact and application

Mag. Stephanie Steindl
Postgraduate Studies and further education
Course Administration Health Sciences & Leadership

Phone: +43 662 2420-80243