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Medical Science Doctorate Study Program (Ph.D.)

The doctorate study in medical science (Ph.D. – in brief: "Ph.D. Scient. Med.") serves for the further development and the ability for independent scientific research work and thus for acquiring the competence to make through independent research a contribution to the development of the medical science.

On the basis of a diploma or master degree study preceding the doctorate study "Ph.D. Scient. Med.", Paracelsus Medical Private University pursues, with the current doctorate study, the objective of supporting and further qualification of the young researchers in the field of the medical sciences.

The goal of Paracelsus University is to provide to the students in this study program, along with the highest level of professional competence, the general scientific and communicative abilities which are necessary for the successful exercising of the scientific profession in the academic, industrial or public areas.


The profile of the study program "Ph.D. Scient. Med." corresponds, with its focus on the dissertation performance, to the first of the "Ten Salzburg Principles", according to which the main component of a given doctorate consists in the expansion of the knowledge by original research. By the selection and content development of the learning events anchored in the curricular. the focus is set, along with the conveyance of "transferable skills", on the best possible support of the postgraduate students in the planning, conceptualisation, development and publication of their dissertation projects in the hospitals and the institutes of Paracelsus Medical Private University.

The most important information about the study

  • Study places: 20 per year
  • Study duration: 3 years (180 ECTS)
  • Study graduation: "Doctor of Philosophy" in Medical Science, in brief "Ph.D."
  • Study fees: Per semester, a study fee must be paid to the university by the sponsoring institution, by the sponsor of the student or by the student himself/herself.
  • Admission prerequisites:
    i) Graduation from a relevant diploma or master degree study, or from a professionally related technical university diploma or master degree study program, or from another equivalent study in an recognised domestic or foreign post-secondary educational establishment.
    ii) Confirmation of academic supervision by a habilitated employee of Paracelsus University or its locations and university clinics and institutions affiliated to the university (for the form see Downloads)
  • The study is carried out as the classical three-year variant of a full-time study and NOT as a study-while-working variant
  • The prerequisites are the same as those those for the doctorate Ph.D study. A study in molecular medicine, a desired parallel education in a Ph.D. study and education as a physician (education as general or specialist physician) is possible within the framework of the "working hours model" – for details see here.
  • Application: In writing, via Internet form (see Online form)

Study form, duration and workload

The doctorate study "Ph.D. Scient. Med." is a post-gradate, three-year doctorate study program and, based on its form, an attendance study with mandatory attendance in accordance with the teaching events specified in the curriculum. The doctorate study "Ph.D. Scient. Med." comprises at least three years and a total workload of 180 ECTS points.

Target group and prerequisites

Target group

The target group of the doctorate study "Ph.D. Scient. Med." comprises applicants who would like, after a previous medical, medical-natural science or technical study (diploma or master's degree graduation), to pursue a medically-oriented scientific research within the framework of a doctorate study (incl. the corresponding curricular performance and preparation of a dissertation for a period of three years) in a clinic or institute of Paracelsus Medical Private University.

Preparatory course

The students from a non-medical previous study must provide proof that they have completed a preparatory course with a scope of 6 ECTS or an equivalent additional education.

Information about the respective preparatory course can be found in the download section.

Admission prerequisites

The required successful graduation from a professionally relevant previous study can consist in the graduation from a relevant diploma or master's degree study program, a professionally relevant technical university diploma or master's degree study program or another equivalent study program at a recognised domestic or foreign post-secondary educational establishment. For admission to the "Ph.D. Scient. Med." study program professionally relevant study degrees can be considered, i.e. medical pre-studies (diploma study in human medicine, dental medicine, veterinary medicine), studies in pharmacy as well as natural science, natural science-medical or technical pre-studies. 

The natural science or natural science-medical pre-studies should be considered as professionally relevant in the sense of these admission prerequisites, if they are fundamentally oriented in the natural sciences or natural science-medical direction, which translated in the form of ECTS points must be proven by a proportional workload of more that 50 per cent of the entire workload. These studies do not have to be completed necessarily at a natural science or medical university, faculty or in such professional area.

The graduates from a non-medical pre-study must provide proof for the successful completion of a preparatory course or an equivalent additional education. For details see here.

Upon a special request by the sponsor of the dissertation project, the admission to the doctorate study "Ph.D. Scient. Med." is possible also on the basis of a diploma or master's degree which is not fundamentally oriented in the medical, natural sciences or natural science-medical direction. In this case, the sponsor must prove in advance – i.e. prior to the start of the admission procedure – in a written application to the study management, why an applicant is qualified for the preparation of the specified dissertation project while having completed a pre-study program which does not correspond to the above-described content-based requirements.

In these cases, within the framework of the admission procedure, the study management can prescribe the performance which can be considered as admission prerequisite outside of the aforementioned preparatory course. The equivalence must be determined within the framework of the admission procedure by the Principal of Paracelsus Medical Private University.

Study structure and contents


In regards to the structure of the doctorate study "Ph.D. Scient. Med." the workload of a total of 180 ECTS is divided, as shown in the following figure, in own performance, i.e. work on the dissertation project, and teaching events, i.e. teaching in the narrower sense, over the entire period of the minimum study duration of three years.

You can find here information about the modules of the curriculum (ethical and methodological principles, medical/natural science principles, scientific principles, core subject, elective subject and dissertation) described in summary, in order to define their objectives, place in the curriculum and intention with respect to the conveyed knowledge, as well as the skills to be learned.


The conceptualising, planning, developing and evaluation of the dissertation project of every student in the "Ph.D. Scient. Med." study program takes place under the mentoring by a mentor and by the Dissertation Committee. The mentors are PMU-affiliated and are involved in the aforementioned aspects of the dissertation project and act as a direct contact partner of the student in all professional, content-based and project-organisational questions.

University lecturers as well as retired university lecturer can act as mentors, insofar as their teaching qualification (habilitation, venia docendi) comprises the subject matter of the dissertation. The qualifications of these persons in teaching and research, which are proven by their habilitation, qualify them to accompany a post-graduate education and a dissertation project as monitors and provide to the students the necessary supervision in methodological, content-based and planning-technical questions. Regardless of the aforementioned qualification prerequisites, all the persons subordinate to the principal in research and teaching positions, the employees affiliated to the university, its locations and the university hospitals and other university-affiliated institutions (such as teaching hospitals), are considered potential mentors.

Upon a joint proposal of the student and the mentor within the framework of the application, a dissertation committee consisting of three people is created in which the mentor is chairman of the committee. This is part of the mentoring agreement (Form download). The other members of the dissertation committee support the mentor in the supervision of the dissertation project and must contribute in their function to make possible the processing, if need be, of the multidimensional aspects of the content of the dissertation project from different points of view and to expand the possibilities of the methodological and conceptual approaches.

Along with the mentors, persons who have completed a doctorate study can act as members of the dissertation committee. In any case, one of the members of the dissertation committee should not belong to the research institution (institute, hospital, research establishment) with which the doctoral student or the mentor are affiliated or where the dissertation project is developed.

Study graduation and academic degree

After successfully completing all obligatory and elective courses as well as the oral part of the doctoral examination, Graduates from doctorate study "Ph.D. Scient. Med." receive the academic title of "Doctor of Philosophy" in medical science, or in brief "Ph.D.". From this moment, the graduates have the right to use the granted academic title. Irrespectively of any other already received academic degree, the graduates from the doctorate study "Ph.D. Scient. Med." can use the academic title of "Ph.D." after their name in the form "name surname, Ph.D.".

Deadlines and study fees

Application deadline

The period for the submission of the application documents for the respective study year (starting in October) ends on July 31 of the current year. After the expiration of the above deadline, the application is possible only after a preliminary conversation with the study management. Only complete documents, which have been submitted on time via the online form, can be processed.

Study fees

As a private university, we do not receive any support from the Ministry of Science and thus we charge a study fee.

For students from the 2015 academic year, a study fee of 1,100 Euros must be paid to the university by the sponsoring institution or the sponsor of the student. The study fee can be requested from the sponsoring institution or the sponsor of the student. This must be arranged between the sponsor and the student.

The workplace with the corresponding equipment must be made available by the sponsoring institution free of charge for the student.



The following application documents must be submitted to the study organisation by means of an Internet form:

  1. Letter of motivation: Informal essay about the motivation, personal goals and expectations of the applicant, incl. a brief summary of the planned dissertation project by taking into consideration the objectives and the academic claim of the planned dissertation project.
  2. Curriculum vitae: Informative CV, incl. presentation of the professional professional career and the academic education
  3. Support agreement: A corresponding sample form prepared by the mentor and the the two other co-mentors (dissertation committee)
  4. Graduation certificate(s) from previous study program(s) relevant for the admission to "Ph.D. Scient. Med."

Admission procedure and study places

The admission to a doctorate study program "Ph.D. Scient. Med." takes place in a two-step process – first selection and second admission – in cooperation between the students, the potential mentors and the responsible university bodies. Finally, according to the currently valid regulation, comes the study program organisation consisting of the management of the study program and the academic coordinators appointed by it.

The number of the study places is limited to 20 per class. The management of the study program Postgraduate Doctorate Studies along with the academic coordinators and the rector decide on the eligibility of the applicants based on the submitted application documents. If the number of the applicants exceeds the maximum number of available study places, the study program management conducts selection interviews which, along with the academic-scientific performance during the pre-study, any scientific publications and eventually projects planned for the dissertation thesis, are of decisive importance for the admission.


Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Caspari
Postgraduate program in Medical Science
Course Director of Postgraduate Studies

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Postgraduate Studies and further education
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Mentoring agreement Doctorate study in medical science (Ph.D.)

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