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Paracelsus logo

1. Versions suitable for printing:

Logo on white background:

Logo on blue background:

2. Logo version for the Internet or for screen presentations (that are not printed):

Important notes regarding the use of the Paracelsus logo: We have to note politely that the rights on our logo are with the agency Kastner & Partner. The word-image mark must be kept in its entire form. If you need a vector version of the logo, please contact Ms. Sabine Salzmann-Schätzer

Research brochure

Research 2013/14


Press photos

Rector Univ.-Prof. Dr. Herbert Resch:

Herbert Resch

Copyright: Paracelsus University/Wild+Team

Chancellor Dr. Michael Nake:

Michael Nake

Copyright: Paracelsus University

Buildings of Paracelsus University

Building B – main building

Copyright: Paracelsus University/Wild+Team

Building B – main building: Entrance area

Copyright: Paracelsus University/Wild+Team

Building A – Wyss-Haus

Copyright: Paracelsus University

Building C – research and teaching building
Copyright: Berger+Parkkinen

PMU - student dormitory

Copyright: Paracelsus University/Herman Seidl