The Nuremberg location
The Nuremberg location

The Nuremberg location of Paracelsus University

In 2014, Paracelsus Medical Private University (PMU) Salzburg founded, in cooperation with the Nuremberg Hospital, a second university location in Nuremberg, which offers a study program in human medicine based on the Salzburg curriculum. In August 2014, the first class of medical students started their study, which in the meantime reached their second study year – and after 24 August 2015 is happy to be reinforced by 50 new study beginners.

The "Beginners", as the new students are called affectionately at PMU, receive a three-week introduction at the start of the study program in which they are familiarised with the premises, the procedures and the infrastructure of Paracelsus University. Both in Nuremberg and Salzburg, university employees, clinicians, lecturers and students in higher semesters, among others, provide them with an intensive overview of the social and communicative competences in the study and in the core scientific areas. Introduction courses in Latin, medical English and emergency medicine as well as training in electronic data processing, the learning platform and the use of the library round the introduction program.

The first day served for knowing each other, followed by a round tour through the university sites and ended with a sniffling visit in clinics and trying the surgical gown. On the 1st of September, everything was set: The prospective physicians were shining with pride when they received their first doctor's coat in the "White Coat Ceremony".