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Molecular Medicine Doctorate Study Program (Ph.D.)

The doctorate study in molecular medicine (Ph.D.) offers to the students a possibility to acquire, by basic education in special methods, a deepened understanding of the modern methodological applications and scientific communication and the ability to process relevant scientific problems independently and plan and perform complex research tasks.


The most important information about the study:

  • Study places: 10 per year
  • Study duration: 3 years
  • Study graduation: Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) in Molecular Medicine
  • Study fees: For students starting in 2015 academic year, a per-semester fee must be paid to the university by the sponsoring institution or the mentor of the student, or by the student.
  • Admission prerequisites: Completed study in human or dental medicine, mentoring commitment by a habilitated employee of the Salzburg state hospitals (SALK) or the Paracelsus University
  • The study is conceptualised in the classical three-year variant of a full-time study and NOT as a study-while-working variant
  • For a desired parallel education (Ph.D.-Study and medical education – medical internship or rezidency training) see "Work time model"
  • Application in writing via Online form


The goal of the Ph.D. study is to offer to the students the possibility to acquire, by basic education in special methods, a deepened understanding of the modern methodological applications and scientific communication and the ability to independently process relevant scientific problems and plan and perform complex research tasks.

In the course of the study program, the students receive a project-oriented education in molecular medicine, the scope of which spreads from the area of medicine through various areas of other natural sciences, such as biochemistry, molecular biology, etc., and up to the acquisition of content-based and methodological tools that are necessary for performing independent scientific research work. Through the confrontation with the newest research results, the ability to work independently on medically relevant problems is developed, so that the students could fulfil the requirements for a scientific career and for working on competitive research projects.

Target group and prerequisites

Target group

The doctorate study in molecular medicine (Ph.D.) is oriented to the preparation of first-class qualified and well educated medical specialists who are interested in natural science issues and work on them during their study program.

Admission prerequisites

The admission prerequisite is a completed study program in human or dental medicine.

The number of the study places is limited to 10 per year. The study program starts on the first of October. For the admission to Ph.D. studies in molecular medicine, above-average performance during the study of medicine is necessary; a propensity to and ability for scientific activity as well as high motivation, aptitude and enthusiasm are expected.

Study structure and contents

Study structure

Through the Ph.D. study, excellent young scientists must be educated for Paracelsus Medical University, who can perform scientific research works at the private university at international level and support the central role of the research in accordance with the vision of the private university.

The study plan was designed proceeding from the assumption that, on the one hand, the standards for the academic grade of "Ph.D. in Molecular Bioscience" are fulfilled in accordance with the "Committee on Education of the International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology" and, on the other hand, the cooperation with the human medicine is increasingly taken into consideration.

As a rule, the study time is three years, or at least two and a half years. In the start phase (semester 1 and 2), the students must receive in-depth education in the main areas of the natural sciences and learn the modern techniques and methods. In the third semester, the integration of the molecular principles in specific diseases must take a central role.

First study year: The students receive in-depth education in main natural science subjects and learn modern techniques and methods. Starting with the basic lab course, the students are introduced to independent scientific research work, starting with the basics. In parallel with taking the offered courses, the work on the dissertation starts, which is gradually intensified and is accompanied during the entire duration of the study by a seminar for the post-graduate students.

Second study year: The connection of the molecular principles with specific diseases and the learning of various scientific areas within the framework of the lecture series play a central role. During the two semesters, the students are offered the possibility to receive a wide overview of the different research areas in the field of the molecular medicine and the related areas. In addition to that, every student has the possibility to acquire, within the framework of the electives specific knowledge in the respectively processed themes in the scientific research areas. In addition, through the curriculum-anchored participation in the offered continuous education events of the hospitals and the research institutes, the learning from and the exchange with successful scientists can be achieved.  

Third study year: It contains mainly project-oriented research work which leads to publications in journals with "peer review" and international reputation and shall build the foundation of the dissertation. The submission of the dissertation, its evaluation and the passing of the Ph.D. examination take place, as a rule, in the sixth semester.

Academic degree

After the successful passing of the Ph.D. examination and its approval, Paracelsus Medical University awards to the student the academic grade of "Doctor of Philosophy" (Ph.D.) in molecular medicine.

The study structure and academic degree for students in the "working time model PhD in molecular medicine" correspond to the above-introduced information, if necessary with adapted time schedule.

Deadlines and study fees

Registration deadline

The registration deadline for submission of the application documents for the 2015/16 study year ends on 06/30/2015. No application is possible after the expiration of this registration deadline. Only complete documents which have been submitted on time can be processed.

Study fees

As a private university, we do not receive any support from the Ministry of Science and thus we charge a study fee.

For students that enrolled from the 2015 academic year onwards, a study fee of 1,100 Euros per semester must be paid to the university by the sponsoring institution or the mentor of the student. The study fee can be claimed from the student by the sponsoring institution or the mentor. This must be agreed upon by the mentor with the student.

The workplace with the corresponding equipment must be provided by the sponsoring institution without any costs for the student.



The following application documents must be submitted:

  • An informal motivation letter with overview of the qualification, motivation and interest for the special areas and the planned dissertation project is permitted
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Certificates: General university entrance qualification (higher-school certificate or equivalent certificate), university diplomas of the pre-study, diploma examination certificate, etc.
  • When available, a list of the scientific publications and certificates related to the research-relevant courses, courses or study stays in the course of life
  • Proof of knowledge of the English language and, in the case of applicants from non-German speaking countries, a proof of knowledge of the German language
  • Mentoring agreement (it can be found here).


Admission procedure

The post-graduate doctoral study program management along with the academic coordinator and the rector decide about the eligibility of the applicants on the basis of the submitted application documents. If the number of the applicants exceeds the maximum number of available study places, the study program management conducts selection interviews which, along with the academic-scientific performance during the medical study, any scientific publications and eventually projects planned for the dissertation thesis, are of decisive importance for the admission.


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