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Postdoc Support Program "Prosperamus!"

The newly created in 2012 program for financing of research places for already pre-qualified scientists by the state of Salzburg, the University Hospital (SALK) and Paracelsus Medical University must promote and provide a long-term support to the biomedical research at the university clinics and institutes of the Salzburg University Hospital (SALK).

The Latin name of the program signifies the objective: Prosperamus! means "let us grow/blossom". In accordance with that, the goal is to help the scientifically promising clinics and institutes in their permanently established scientific research, whereby, unlike the university own project support programs, here the anchoring and development of the supported personnel for the build-up and expansion of the research is in the focus. Therefore, Prosperamus! finances the personnel costs for the supported position.

The target group are newly arrived or already employed at the University Hospital experienced scientists in all biomedical specialised disciplines at a postdoc level, who devote their activity for a period from 12 to 24 months to the research in a university clinic or institute of the Salzburg state hospitals. After the end of the support period, the financing is maintained through granted external research funds, project cooperation or other financial support means.

The processing of the applications and their certification is coordinated by the Research Office. The application deadline for each year ends on 15 March. Please find more detailed information in the guidelines.