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Research Development

A core objective of Paracelsus Medical Private University (PMU) is the establishment and expansion of excellent research. The research working groups (FoAGs) of the PMU are located at the University Hospital Salzburg as well as at the institutes and research programs of the university.

Biomedical research at the PMU already now contributes significantly to increasing the productivity and competitiveness of Salzburg as a research, science and business location. Thus, the PMU understands its scientific mission also as a socio-political mission.

In order to ensure this also in the future, research and innovation at the locations of the PMU are to become more successful and more powerful by bundling the forces. Therefore, so-called research and innovation centers (RIC) are currently being established. The aim is to combine the scientific content of as many FoAGs as possible in the FIZs by working on common scientific content.

Furthermore, international cooperation with several renowned institutions in research is essential to provide the local healthcare system access to the latest scientific findings. With the establishment of the PMU Nuremberg in 2016, there has been an additional positive development in terms of internationalization and broadening of research performance.

Through measures of internal research promotion, successful acquisition of funding and not least through the further development of the service structures for researchers into a competence center for research management and technology transfer (FMTT) in 2020, it has been possible in recent years to build up an even more diverse and constantly growing biomedical research landscape from what already exists.

Research Innovation Board

The Research & Innovation Board (RIB) is the personal advisory body of the Vice Rectors for Research Affairs and for Innovation and Digitalization. It serves to discuss and pass resolutions on topics concerning the planning, design and implementation of research, innovation and digitization at Paracelsus Medical Private University and the University Hospitals in strategic and organizational terms, as well as to prepare topics relevant to research, innovation and digitization for resolution by other authorized bodies of the University.

You can download the internal regulations including the current RIB members here (only available in German).