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Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG - applied and business-oriented research

The FFG is the national funding agency for business-oriented research and development in Austria. The goal of the FFG is to strengthen Austria's position as a research and innovation location in global competition. The funding portfolio ranges from low-threshold programs that facilitate entry into continuous research and innovation activities to the promotion and funding of cutting-edge research and centers of excellence.

In addition to the calls for proposals described in detail, there are also frequent cooperation opportunities for research institutions in the bottom-up, business-oriented general programs or in the collective research program (available on an ongoing basis).

The research support office offers you personal information about the various funding opportunities and advises you on funding possibilities for your project idea!


The basic research-oriented BRIDGE program promotes

  • cooperations between scientific institutes and companies;

The research projects should

  • be designed to be close to basic research (the focus - at least 80% - of the work should be conducted by the scientific partners)
  • show an exploitation perspective
  • effectively involve participating companies in the project work, which may make a financial contribution.

Key points:

  • The BRIDGE program usually opens two calls per year.
  • Total funding maximum € 360,000
  • Funding rate up to 80%
  • Project duration maximum 36 months

COIN Cooperation & Innovation

The COIN Cooperation & Innovation knowledge and technology transfer program aims to

  • stimulate and increase the research and innovation activity of companies, especially SMEs
  • trigger innovations that are new for the market or for the companies (COIN "networks")
  • to improve and strengthen the RTI structures of research institutions, also taking into account their core function vis-à-vis companies ("COIN Aufbau" = capacity building).

The COIN "Networks" in detail:

  • Funding for the establishment and expansion of sustainable innovation networks, organized in the form of a consortium
  • Implementation of concrete innovation projects (products, processes or services)
  • Consortium: cooperation between companies or companies and research institutions - at least 4 independent companies (at least 3 of which are SMEs)
  • Funding amount max. € 500,000, project costs min. € 100,000
  • Funding rate for research institutions max. 60%
  • Project duration 12-36 months, usually 24 months
  • Usually annual call for proposals

In the last calls, the focus of the COIN "Aufbau" programs was on content-related and thematic competence building at universities of applied sciences and non-university research institutions. Should future calls again allow PMU to apply, you will find the most important information here.


The COMET program bundles scientific competence and technological know-how in very specific subject areas. In the centers, companies work together with research partners, thereby enabling a direct transfer of new knowledge into marketable products and services. COMET centers are financed by the Republic of Austria, by the participating federal states, and by the participating companies and research organizations. Science and industry jointly define a research program with a medium- to long-term perspective, the implementation and success of which is evaluated.

COMET comprises three program lines:

  • COMET projects serve as an entry point to the COMET program to work on new ideas in the field of cooperative research.
  • COMET centers (K1) perform cutting-edge research at the highest level and build up competencies and human resources.
  • COMET modules open up new research areas for a COMET center.

From COMET project to COMET center to COMET module, the novelty content of the research increases as does the strategic orientation.

Additional FFG services

In addition to financial support, the FFG offers a wide range of services - for example

  • Travel Grants,
  • proposal and idea checks,
  • trainings or
  • consulting as a national contact point for the research programs of the European Union.

Please visit the German page for further information or contact the research support office.