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Newsletter and Events

The Research Management considers itself also as information hub. Accordingly, information about research-relevant subjects, invitations to information events and lectures, etc. is distributed.

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Every month, the Research Management of Paracelsus Medical University (PMU) publishes the electronic newsletter GRIP – Grant & Research Information by PMU. If you would like to receive the newsletter by mail in the future, please fill out the registration form here.


Marie Curie Fellowships - Individual Research Funding for incoming and outgoing within Horizon2020

Continuing the effort to strengthen the research mobility and collaboration amongst research institutions on all aspects for EU directly funded cooperative research projects at PMU and Uniclinic, the topic for the next webinar is to showcase the

Opportunities for IF - Individual Research Funding for incoming and outgoing Marie Curie Fellowships within Horizon2020, in the upcoming final Work Programme part for 2019-20:

4EU@PMU&UniClinic Network Forum
Webinar Round Table Discussion

  • In German: June 16, 2020 (Webinar via Teams)

  • In English: June 23, 2020 (Webinar via Teams)

followed by a social online get together for knowledge exchange

Programme Outline

14:45 Sign-In
15:00 Introduction to MSCA – IF upcoming Call in the current Work Programme 2020
15.10 Discussion on relevant topics, i.e.

  • Incoming vs. Outgoing Fellowship Projects
  • Industrial & Academic Fellowship opportunities in EU and abroad
  • Return Phase Funding for Int’l Fellowships
  • Application by Sept 10 and what is in it
  • other topics at hand

15.30 Wrap-up
until Discussion and ways forward on how to prepare proposals and
16.00 Social Online Networking

get the latest updates on opportunities for individual European research funding and learn how to get involved.

Consultant: Mag. Bruno Wöran, contact:

Download slides of the presentation