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Research service

Based on the mission statement (vision/mission/values/goals), the research strategy and the corresponding implementation plans are developed. Within this framework, the Research Service aims to ensure a high level by international standards in the university's fields of activity and to support researchers in the various project phases.

Project ideation

Would you like to turn your idea into a research project and apply for funding from a funding agency as part of a call for proposals? We are happy to support you - also in the ideation phase! The PMU research service team will be happy to

  • help you identify a project idea through workshops and consultations
  • assist you in networking with possible project partners locally but also internationally
  • Once the project idea is identified, the FMTT will offer you a good overview of ongoing funding opportunities, be it through local, national or international programs

Project planning

Do you already have a specific funding option in mind for your project idea? Inform the research service at an early stage in order to be able to make use of the available services. The research service team

  • checks the eligibility of the planned project for you in the specific call
  • supports you in the administrative planning of your project (finances, personnel)
  • offers further services such as a check with regard to the linguistic correctness and congruency of the application (proof-reading)

·         as well as the "fit" to the funding criteria (including gender aspects)

Please contact us in good time before the deadline.

Please also enter your project proposal in PMU-SQQUID to enable the most up-to-date information possible. Work is currently underway on an even more comprehensive research management database for the administration of project proposals and approved projects.

Project submission

The deadline for the funding application is imminent? The research service supports you in the final steps such as

  • obtaining the necessary signatures and support letters,
  • checking the budget,
  • file the application in the PMU's research database (upon request)

The earlier you contact the FMTT, the better. In order for the FMTT to be able to offer its services reliably, contact must be made at least one week before the deadline!


Your application has been positively evaluated and should now receive funding? Congratulations!

The first step is usually a grant agreement with the funding agency. In many cases, this will be a standard contract. However, it may also be the case that

  • rounds of negotiations are still pending
  • additional information is required from you or your project partners
  • regulations on the utilization of results, consortium agreements or similar are required.

The research service also supports you in this phase and acts as an interface to the PMU's Legal Department.

Project management and monitoring

Your research project is ready to start? In order to be able to focus on your research content, together with the departments of Human Resources and Accounting/Controlling, the Research Service supports you and your team in project management and -monitoring. This includes

  • documenting and communicating as the project progresses,
  • finding the right tools for teams to work together smoothly,
  • support in reporting and project controlling, to keep an eye on your project progress, resource consumption and reporting obligations
  • and much more.

In order to be up to date with the latest information, the research service needs the most current data possible on the project in PMU-SQQUID. Work is currently underway on an even more comprehensive research management database for the administration of project proposals and approved projects.