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 Research & Innovation Fund - PMU-RIF 2021-2025

FIRE – Funding for Innovative Research Exchange

Please prepare the proposal using the templates below and upload all the information onto the online portal.

Information to be completed in the online portal:

  • the administrative information
  • the definition of the host institution(s) of the research project and amount of work performed in each (in percentage)

Documents to be uploaded onto the online portal (each as PDF):

  1. Proposal description (Arial font min. 11)
  2. Scientific CV of each applicant, including the 10 most relevant publications of each applicant as well as other significant scientific achievements (max. 3 A4 pages per applicant, Arial font min. 11)
  3. Confirmation of the host institution
  4. Letter of confirmation of each head of institutes/clinics/research programs involved (as template)
  5. Ethics committee confirmation, if applicable
  6. Animal experiments approval, if applicable

RDF - Research Exchange Development Fund

Please note: Applications to the RDF cannot be submitted via the PMU-RIF online portal yet; if necessary, please contact the research service.


PMU Bridging Nürnberg-Salzburg

The aim of the PMU - Bridging Nürnberg-Salzburg is to strengthen cross-location research cooperation between researchers from the two PMU locations in Nürnberg and Salzburg. Primarily, cooperation between the partner clinics and partner institutions at both PMU locations is to be promoted with the help of bridging. In addition, it is also possible to support research consortia between different clinics and institutions of the two PMU locations.

Research projects with a funding amount between EUR 5,000 and 15,000 can be applied for by the corresponding "research teams" from both locations on two submission dates per year. Among other things, the research funding also serves as support for future joint research projects.

A research consortium consisting of at least one principally responsible scientist (PI) from the participating clinics or research institutions (core team) is eligible to apply. Further members from other research institutions are possible. Within the core team, one member is appointed to take over the administrative management of the project. This person becomes the contractual partner of the respective project.

The budgetary share of research should be distributed as equally as possible to the two locations. Deviations are possible if the research content requires it.

The first deadline ended on July 10, 2022, after which all applications were evaluated by a 6-member review committee.

The 6-member review committee (three people per location), who evaluate the submissions, for 2022 and 2023:

Univ.Prof. Dr. Jan Liman, Kneginja Richter and Univ.Prof. Dr. Maximilian Traxdorf (location Nürnberg) as well as Univ.-Prof. Dr. Sébastien Couillard-Després, Piret Paal and Katharina Schallmoser (location Salzburg).

The next deadline ends on April 15, 2023. From there, the submission deadlines will be October 15 and April 15.

Attention: 2022 there was only 1 call, so for the Call ending April 15th, 2023, projects with a sum up to EUR 25.000 are fundable.

The total budget for this funding is EUR 50,000 per year per location.
If you have any further questions, please contact at any time.

The application is made using a template via the R&I online portal, submission is possible anytime.
Please prepare the application using the templates available online and upload the documents collected in the R&I online portal.

Here you can download the complete guidelines (only available in German).

Information to be completed in the R&I-online portal:

  • the administrative information of the PI and other applicants
  • the sites in which the research project will be executed and amount of work performed in each (in percentage)

Documents to be uploaded onto the R&I-online portal (each as PDF file):

  • Proposal description (this template, Arial font min. 11)
  • Scientific CV of each applicant, including the 10 most relevant publications of each applicant as well as other significant scientific achievements (max. 3 A4 pages per applicant, Arial font min. 11)
  • Confirmation of each head of institute(s)/clinic(s)/research program(s) (exception: no confirmation is required for applicant heads) (template)
  • Ethics committee confirmation or Institutional Review Board (IRB) confirmation, if applicable
  • Animal experiments approval, if applicable


 South Tyrolean Fund for the Promotion of Research at SABES and PMU

One of the core objectives of the South Tyrolean Health Care System (SABES) and the Paracelsus Medical University (PMU) is to establish and further develop a research cooperation. The development and expansion of the research activity is a major priority for SABES and should be based on cooperation projects together with the PMU and other research institutions in South Tyrol (e.g. Eurac Research,
Claudian University of Applied Sciences, Free University of Bolzano, etc.), as well as national and international research institutions. Ultimately, this network should ensure the best possible healthcare for the population of South Tyrol in the future.

The South Tyrolean Fund for the Promotion of Scientific Research (SFPR) is an essential instrument to achieve this goal.

The pilot call already ended, the next call is going to be open in 2023, all the conditions can be found here.

 Paracelsus Clinical Fellowship

The Clinical Fellowship is intended to enable the faculty members to be supported scientifically and clinically.

Paracelsus University acts as an intermediary to the partner universities Mayo Medical School, Duke University School of Medicine, but also other universities and clinics. The Paracelsus Clinical Fellowship is intended to enable prospective specialists to learn special clinical and scientific methods at the partner institutions.

For more information, see the guidelines (only in German).
Please use the template to submit your application (only in German).



 Research support funds (PMU-FFF) - 2009-2020

Information on the PMU-FFF, the previous internal research funding fund, can be found here.