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Research and Innovation Awards

The scientists and researchers at Paracelsus Medical Private University conduct science and research at an internationally high level.

For this purpose, the Research and Innovation Awards (RIA) are awarded once a year. They replace the “Paracelsus Wissenschaftspreise” previously awarded and focus in a few categories on people and projects who particularly stand out.

Starting in 2021, prizes will be awarded in the following categories every year:

  • Rising Scientist Award (m/f)
  • Best First Author Publication in a top ranked Journal (m/f) (3 publications each in Salzburg, 1 publication each in Nuremberg)
  • Researcher of the Year (m/f)

For each year, individual priorities will then be set, in 2023 prizes will be awarded in these additional categories:

  • Outstanding Performance in Innovation and Translation (in Salzburg)
  • Most cited Publication of a Rising Scientist, cited since 2019 (m/f) 

Here you can find all the details about the Research and Innovation Awards 2023 (pdf in German).

The RIA are awarded by a jury consisting of the two Vice Rectors for Research as well as for Innovation and Digitization, the Deans of Research in Salzburg and Nuremberg, a members of the Research and Innovation Board Salzburg as well as one of Forschungskommission Nuremberg and a person who habilitated in 2022.

The winners will be presented to a wide audience at the kick-off of the virtual Science Get Together on Juney 30, 2023 - be there!

Eligible for these prizes are all employees of the institutes of the PMU as well as of the University Hospital Salzburg and University Hospital Nuremberg, who are in an ongoing employment relationship in 2022. The heads of the departments and institutes, research institutes and programs are excluded from participation.


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