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Science Get Together 2024

The #SGT (Science Get Together) is the PMU platform for scientific exchange and networking and, as the Paracelsus Virtual Science Summer, focuses on research and scientific achievements throughout the summer.

This year's SGT24 will take place on June 28th at PMU Nuremberg.

Event information

The SGT24 will take place in Nuremberg this year:

Friday, 28 June 2024
PMU Nuremberg, House 57
Prof.-Ernst-Nathan-Str. 1, 90419 Nuremberg

Registration form

You are welcome to register for the event here! We will provide a link to the registration portal on this page shortly.

We will provide free bus transport for participants from Salzburg. The number of seats is limited to 50 people. The bus will depart from the PMU Salzburg on 28 June at 6.00 am, the return journey is planned from 6.00 pm.


First details of the preliminary programme can be found below:From 08:30Translated with (free version)




Check-in and poster set-up

08:30 – 12:30

10.00 – 12.00


Open Poster presentation and industry exhibition

Poster walk with the jury

12:30 – 13:45


Welcoming speech


Keynote Lecture: Prof. Dr. Aldo Faisal: KI in medicine and research


Science slam

Break (30 minutes)

14:15 – 15:15


RIA I: „Researcher of the year“ & „Rising scientist“


RIA Science slam (Best first author publication)

Break (30 Minuten)

15:45 – 16:45


RIA II: „Researcher of the year“ & „Rising Scientist“


RIA Science Slam (Best first author Publication)

Break (15 minutes)

17:00 – 17:45


Award ceremony for the poster prizes


Opening of the Science Summer


Closing speech



Get together

Poster submission

In preparation for the SGT24, students and researchers from the PMU, SALK and all other PMU-affiliated universities and clinics have the opportunity to submit a scientific poster (incl. abstract) to present their work to a broad audience.

Formal requirements for the preparation of poster and abstract

  1. The abstract must be written in English.
  2. The abstract contains complete sentences (no keywords, no enumerations) and is written in mixed case (upper and lower case).
  3. The abstract is formulated as pure text (no graphics/tables).
  4. The length of the abstract (incl. title, authors, affiliation etc.) must not exceed one DIN A4 page (check using the button: Preview Abstract Submission; .docx file - MS Office 2007 or newer required).
  5. The length of the individual sections (Objective, Methods, Results, Conclusions) may vary.

The following internal PMU drafts can be used as a template to ensure that the posters are formally correct: Template Nuremberg | Template Salzburg.

Submission deadline

Contributions can be uploaded here until Arpil 22nd2024.

The link to the submission portal will be activated shortly.


You can also visit all the posters submitted after the event throughout the summer on our virtual poster tour.

Here is an example from last year.

Furthermore, submitters have the opportunity to present their poster directly on site at the SGT on 28 June. Depending on the number of submissions, the opportunity to exhibit on site is limited. The submitted abstracts will be summarised in an abstract volume. This will be made available to all interested parties digitally and, on request, as a hard copy at the end of the Science Summer. Poster prizes The best contributions submitted (within the above-mentioned deadline) will be evaluated and honoured by an independent jury of experts. Award-winning contributions will be labelled accordingly in the abstract volume and in the virtual poster tour.

We look forward to receiving your contributions!