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Research support funds (PMU-FFF)


Dear Users, please note that the PMU-FFF is currently not active. The guidelines are being reevaluated and you will all be informed for the next deadline. For any questions, please refer to

The awarding of project funds by Paracelsus Medical Private University is supposed to support the medical scientific research in the clinics and the institutes of Paracelsus Medical Private University and enhance the standard of the medical scientific research in Salzburg.

The support is supposed to permit the expansion of already existing scientific research areas in the clinics and the institutes of Paracelsus Medical Private University as well as to introduce new scientific applications, methods and processes.

The guideline for awarding of funds at PMU-FFF can be found here.

For submitting your project application, please use the online portal for project application at PMU-FFF.

You can find the online portal here.

You can find the list of the supported projects here.

Along with the competitive project support, the means from the PMU-FFF fund will also make possible the provision of the so-called core facilities and performing of specific research projects whose development brings a far-reaching benefit to several departments. You can find the guidelines for awarding of non-competitive funds in PMU-FFF here.

Note: Paracelsus Medical University reserves the right, in the area of the non-competitive awarding of funds, to reject without further notice any proposed research projects which do not correspond to the requirements introduced in the guidelines or can not be funded due to budgetary grounds.