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Sanofi Award

Sanofi GmbH Austria makes available to the four medical universities in Austria a significant grant for supporting the medical research.

As one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the world and partner in the healthcare field, sanofi supports projects for improving the public healthcare. The research at the medical universities in Austria is an important base for that.

Target group

Eligible for participation are all employees of the PMU institutions, the University Hospital as well as the teaching hospitals. The goal of the foundation is to distinguish young researcher for their excellent research works and to encourage them in their continuing research activity. Therefore, it is not possible for university professors or habilitated scientists to apply for the award as authors.
If there are professors or habilitated researchers among the co-authors, they must explicitly waive their claim on their share of the financial portion of the prize in the application.


The applicants must be doctors of medicine or academic graduates in natural sciences.

The award is intended only for works which have originated predominantly at the respective medical university. Applicants, who at the time of the application do no longer work at said university, must specify a corresponding author with address at this university.

The awards are intended above all for works that form an essential base for the development of new therapy strategies and also for prophylaxis of diseases and maintaining of health.

For one application period, the submission of only one scientific research work is permitted or several scientific research works whose content clearly forms one research unit.

The scientific research work(s) must be available as printed publication(s) in the year, for which the application is filed, or in the preceding year. Not yet published manuscripts can be considered only after submission of a written confirmation by the publisher that the work will be accepted for publishing.

The application must be signed, without exception, by all authors of the submitted work as a proof of approval. For co-authors from foreign countries, for whom providing a signature would require unreasonable expenditure, the signature obligation can be waved.


Application and awarding is coordinated by the Research Office of Paracelsus Medical Private University. The winners are determined after examination of the submitted publications and by voting in the responsible commission under the chairmanship of the dean for research.

The honouring of the winners as well as the presentation of the awards takes place during the course of a formal award ceremony.

All information about this can be obtained in the Research Office from Mag. Dorothea Kölblinger.


The application deadline for the respective year can be taken from the invitation for application. The work(s) as well as an informal letter of application must be sent to the Research Office electronically; any necessary signatures must be sent by mail to the Research Office.


Mag. Dorothea Kölblinger
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