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University Hospital Salzburg

The three hospitals of the Salzburg province hospitals – the Salzburg Province Hospital, the Christian Doppler Hospital and the St. Veit Province Hospital – were pooled on 1/1/2004 into the "Gemeinnützigen Salzburger Landeskliniken Betriebsgesellschaft mbH" (SALK). With this parent company, an important step to the structural improvement of the individual medical care institutions was made. The merger ensures an optimal common use of the available resources and synergies and strengthens the overall operation in its medical services offer.

In cooperation with Paracelsus Medical Private University starting 2003, the healthcare quality could be continuously developed by client-oriented research and teaching, and medical healthcare service in the university hospitals was established at university level. In 2007, the Salzburg Province Hospital and the Christian Doppler Hospital were upgraded to "University Hospital of Paracelsus Medical Private University".

The research and teaching guarantee the current further development of the patient care. Connected in national and international networks, the clinical researchers remain always at the pulse of the times with respect to the treatments and methods. The knowledge from the large studies of the clinics and institutes of Paracelsus Medical Private University also flow in the treatments and therapies and represent a central basis for the further development of the healthcare in Salzburg. In addition, the status as university hospital guarantees the acquisition and installation of the newest devices and tools – medical cutting-edge technology which is used both in the care for patients and in research. The research cooperation with renowned manufacturers makes the investments affordable thanks to the significant price reductions.

However, the research, the teaching as well as the medical care and nursing care are always oriented to the people: What is important is not only the professional competence but also the social and communicative components. The patient-orientation, ability to work in a team, personal initiative and the desire for further development are thereby important qualifications and a fundamental approach. They influence the education of the young medical and nursing care specialists at Paracelsus University intensively and expand the professional education to the highest level with the human approach components. This is so because in the future more specialists in the medicine and the nursing care will be needed, who not only master excellently their special professional area but can also meet in a special way the concerns, fears and preoccupations of the patients.

You can find more detailed information about the university hospital under

Salzburg Provincial Hospital –
University Hospital of Paracelsus Medical Private University
Müllner Hauptstraße 48
5020 Salzburg
Tel. +43 (0)662/4482-0

Christian-Doppler Hospital –
University Hospital of Paracelsus Medical Private University
Ignaz-Harrer-Straße 79
5020 Salzburg
Tel. +43 (0)662/4483-0

St. Veit Provincial Hospital -
Teaching Hospital of Paracelsus Medical Private University
St. Veiter Straße 46
5621 St. Veit
Tel. +43 (0)6415/7201-0