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Institute of Ecomedicine

Head: Univ.-Doz. Dr. Arnulf Hartl

The Institute for Ecomedicine was founded in September 2015 and has emerged from the Laboratory for Translational Immunological Research of the Institute for Physiology and Pathophysiology of Paracelsus Medical Private University.

The Institute for Ecomedicine performs application-oriented research and development at the interface between economy, ecology and medicine and thus positions itself as a research and innovation platform four integration of the basic science in the regional economic structures.

In the centre of the research interests is the influence of the natural and socio-cultural environment and stimuli on the immunology, physiology and psychology of man as well as the development of innovative methodological applications for its measurement. One of the core tasks of the institute is the independent performance of clinical studies and basic research on the effectiveness of the natural health resources for prevention and healing of chronic diseases and the diseases of the modern civilisation. In addition, the transfer applications for the building of regional value creation and innovation networks are pursued.

The Institute for Ecomedicine works thereby in close cooperation and active involvement in companies and institutions of the Salzburg economy, national and international universities and research institutions (LMU, UIBK, among others) as well as transfer organisation (ITG, TISK, among others).

Research and development

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Main research priorities


Laboratory & methods

The Institute for Ecomedicine has a laboratory in molecular medicine as well as a fully equipped mobile field laboratory for performing clinical, pre-clinical and basic research studies.

Molecular Biology Lab

  • Quantitative and real-time PCR
  • Cloning and protein expression and purification
  • Cell and Tissue Culture Systems, FACS
  • ELISA and ELISpot and Luminex cytometric bead arrays

Human Physiology

  • Mobile recording of ECG, HR, HRV, EEG, Respiratory Rate and Coherence
  • Rhinomanometry, Cytokine analysis in nasal secretion
  • Lung Function, FeNO
  • Spine Flexibility Measurement (Medimouse)
  • Cardiorespiratory Fitness Tests (6MWT with online lung function recording, Rockport)
  • GPS guided activity tracking and MET

Environmental techniques

  • Analysis of indoor and outdoor allergens
  • Characterization of physical, geophysical and meteorological qualities (e.g. ion concentrations, aerosol size and size distributions, particulate matter quantification, Anemometry, Radioactivity measurements in air and water e.g. Radon)
  • GPS monitoring, recording of geolocated kardiological parameters


  • Web-based Questionnaire System
  • Development of visual and intercultural tools for the assessment of QOL (Quality of Life Comic)
  • Health psychological coaching methods in cooperation with the Institute for Psychology in Salzburg


Along with the teaching activity within the framework of the study program in human medicine in the speciality of physiology and pathophysiology at the Salzburg and Nuremberg locations of Paracelsus Medical Private University, the Institute for Ecomedicine also mentors students in the doctorate study program in medical sciences (Ph.D.).

In addition, students in the master and Ph.D. education of other universities (Paris Lodron University Salzburg, Leopold Franzens University Innsbruck, Donau University Krems) are also mentored.


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Current projects

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Current projects selection

EU Interreg Bavaria-Austria "Trail for Health North: Tourism-and-health competence build-up for regions and companies"

In a cooperation network of research institutions, transfer organisations and tourism regions, tourism-and-health products are developed across borders that are based on natural and culturally transferred health resources with a clear focus on the medical evidence and the target group of older people,. In this, the Institute for Ecomedicine takes over the lead partnership and conducts a 4-arm randomised, controlled clinical study which builds the basis for the tourism-and-health products development.

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School, light and health

Within the framework of a Trans4Tec project S.E.G.E.L., a randomised, controlled clinical study with the title "The influence of the light and the daylight management for physiological and psychological stress reduction as well as for cognitive performance growth in schoolchildren" is conducted.

Hiking and health

The Alpenverein association has been focusing its efforts on the health subject for three years now. Within the framework of the project "Effects of the mountain hiking sport on the individual quality of life and health", the Institute of Ecomedicine, in cooperation with the Institute for Sports Sciences of the Innsbruck University (Univ.-Prof. Martin Kopp), is working on three studies on the subject of mountain hiking sport and health through:

  • Mountain hiking sport and movement behaviour
  • Immediate effect and hormones in response to the mountain hiking sport
  • Psychological effect of the anthropogenic nature vs. the pristine nature

Reference projects

Within the framework of the research activity of the institute, the scientific basis for the following projects was developed and the science-based product development and strategic orientation was centrally coordinated:

Alpine Health Region SalzburgerLand – SalzburgerLand acts

Hohe Tauern Health – Vacation for allergic and asthmatic persons

Lifetime Hotels – Vacation for better cardio-respiratory fitness



Alpine Gesundheitsregion SalzburgerLand – SalzburgerLand wirkt


Hohe Tauern Health – Urlaub für Allergiker und Asthmatiker



Lifetime Hotels – Urlaub für eine nachhaltig bessere kardiorespiratorische Fitness

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