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About us

The "Alumni Club of Paracelsus Medical Private University" would like to help the graduates of the university to remain connected and also to be able to make new contacts that are interesting for their professional advancement.

The Alumni Club is an exclusive network of graduates, which is based on the principle of friendship:

  • We cultivate personal relationships through social gatherings.
  • We support each other in the area of professional and personal interests.
  • We take the name of our Alma Mater into the world through honourable behaviour, by aspiring to social responsibility, action competence and communicative competence.
  • We support our Alma Mater, by sharing our experience and our knowledge with you and the other students.

We are organised as an independent, not-for-profit association and finance our activities with an annual membership fee of EUR 30.00. In addition, the Alumni Club of Paracelsus University is supported by the company SALLMANN and the Salzburg Savings Bank.