Treatment-competent and patient-oriented in the professional life

Treatment-competent and patient-oriented in the professional life

The human medicine study program at Paracelsus Medical Private University in Salzburg started in 2003 and was developed based on the model and in close cooperation with the Mayo Medical School, one of the most prestigious medical universities worldwide and part of the famous Mayo Clinic in Rochester/Minnesota (USA). After passing a three-step selection procedure, 50 students are selected every year for the locations of Salzburg and Nuremberg. In the meantime, 267 graduates dispersed overeight years have completed their medical study at PMU in Salzburg.

The most important partners in study and research at the university locations in Salzburg and Nuremberg are the Salzburg university clinics, the Nuremberg clinic, the Natural Sciences Faculty of Paris-Lodron University Salzburg and the Higher Technical College Georg Simon Ohm. In addition, there are 21 teaching hospitals in the country and abroad, which also perform parts of the teaching.

At the end of the study in human medicine at Paracelsus Medical Private University, a graduate will not only be in possession of theoretical medical knowledge, but also have already acquired applicable practical abilities. Therefore, the prospective physicians acquire continuously during the five-year study program not only pure knowledge, but are also introduced in the everyday clinical work and enter already early in contact with patients. Along with the theoretical and clinical training, the sensitisation of the students in science and research is an important goal of the education.

The research-based teaching and the research trimester for science and research are an essential part of the human medicine study at Paracelsus Medical Private University. The research trimester in the fourth year of study is an important part of the research-based teaching and a compulsory component of the study in medicine. In these four months, the students can learn the research work quasi "from scratch". They receive the opportunity to contribute to a theoretical or clinical research project at the institutes of Paracelsus University, at the Salzburg University clinics, at the Nuremberg clinic, at a teaching hospital or at a partner university.

In order to provide anopportunity to the graduates to start an international carer, the passing of the first part of the American certification exam for physicians (USMLE Step 1) is mandatory for the students from their third year of study.