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Student initiatives

The learning of the ethic and social principles of the medical activities is – along with the solid scientific and practical education – an important aspect which has to be worked on with the students in human medicine at Paracelsus Medical University (PMU) from the start of their study. However, it is very welcome that the PMU students engage themselves voluntarily, outside of the teaching program, in the social and charitable area.

You find here several selected social projects:

Training for emergency medical technicians and the Red Cross service

In 2011, the training for emergency medical technicians was included in the curriculum, thanks to a student initiative. The entire training for emergency medical technicians comprises 100 hours of theory and 160 hours of practice – the emergency situation basic lecture is credited. An organisational unit of the Red Cross under the leadership of the training physician and emergency situation physician Dr. Alexander Franz works with the students. They are stationed with their own ambulance at Paracelsus University and perform mostly night service seven days in the week. In addition, the students studying to become emergency medical technicians participate in the work of the emergency unit of the Red Cross in the city of Salzburg and provide ambulance services at large events. Since after its founding in the autumn of 2011 the emergency medical technicians project has continuously grown, ten medical students have taken up the coordination and the management functions. They take care of the processes related to the training and the continuous education, the education of the drivers, the materials warehouse and much more.

Teddy-bear clinic

In the teddy-bear clinic, the children learn the everyday life in the hospital by playing games – from their admission, examination and anamnesis, and up to the treatment of the dolls and stuffed animals they have brought with themselves. The medical students at Paracelsus University have made themselves available as teddy docs at actual events, among other things, also at a summer festival and the FAIRkehrt festival at the Salzburg university hospitals, at the "Starkes Lehen" city festival and – in cooperation with AMSA (Austrian Medical Students Association) – at the kindergartens of the city of Salzburg.


Restart a Heart-Day 2014

Even a well-functioning emergency physician system may come too late in the case of a sudden heart attack, if the first aiders are not ready to take over the responsibility. Therefore, 13 medical students at Paracelsus Medical University have started an Initiative on Theaterplatz in the Salzburg shopping centre Europark for the international reanimation day ("Restart a Heart Day") on 16 October 2014: The inhabitants of Salzburg could practice all day, under their guidance, on three reanimation dolls and with three defibrillators, the correct application of the resuscitation procedures. In the case of cardiovascular failure, these steps – heart massage, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and the defibrillator application – are indispensable and life-saving. The Austrian initiative "Press me!" supported the successful event as well (

Charity golf tournament "Kitz for Life"

On August 25, 2012 and on June 21, 2014, the charity golf tournament "Kitz for Life Trophy" took place at the Kitzbühel-Schwarzsee golf course in support of the research at Paracelsus Medical Private University. The medical student Caroline Lukesch, with the support of her parents Dr. Alfred and Edith Lukesch and friends, has on both occasions called on committed golf players to play for a good cause. The first tournament brought donations in the amount of 11,600 Euros; at the second charity game 13,500 Euros could be collected.


Ball of the PMU students

On January 11, 2014, the first ball of the PMU students took place in Kavalierhaus Klessheim under the motto "Circulus Virtuosus". The proceeds from the event were sent to the Community Hospital Serabu in Sierra Leone, a project of the organisation Physicians for the Third World. On January 17, 2015, the students, their parents and university members met for the second PMU ball in Hotel Crown Plaza hotel under the motto "The Roaring 20s". The students donated the proceeds from the ball, obtained from the sale of ball cards and drinks as well as from a raffle, to the association "Clown Doctors Salzburg". On January 29, 2016, the third PMU ball will take place at "Stiegl Keller" in Salzburg. The proceedings of the event will go to Herzverein. The purpose of the association is exclusively the improvement of the medical care of children with congenital or acquired heart disease, in addition to those with vascular pathologies, in Bolivia.

Charity mulled-wine booth of the PMU alumni

Members of the Alumni Clubs of Paracelsus University organised in the 2013 and 2014 advent season a charity booth at the Old Market in Salzburg. They served, along with mulled wine and Mexican punch, also tasty chili con Carne. In both years, the proceeds went to the "Salzburger Wärmestube" association which used the money for helping people in need. The association offers a meeting location, a social network and at least several hours of warmth and security. They also help with everyday needs such as taking a shower or laundry. 2015 the alumni donated the proceedings to the "Salzburger Wärmestube" and the "Virgilbus Salzburg".