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University Seminar – Special Training in the Surgical Area

The growing requirements to the nursing profession in the surgical area comprise the increase in the multimorbid patients as a result of the demographic development, the reduction of the mean residence time, the changes in the organisational framework conditions as well as the increase in the outpatient surgeries and the handling of the rapid growth of the knowledge and the treatment possibilities in the medicine and nursing areas.

The university seminar is a modularly built seminar with the goal for the students to acquire personal, social and professional competences in order to be able to satisfy the growing requirements for the special tasks in the surgical area and the legal mandate to contribute to the nursing research.


The University Seminar – Special Training in the Surgical Area is conducted on the basis of the principles of the Healthcare and Nursing Care Act (GuKG) BGBl II No. 108/1997 in its currently valid version as well as by taking into consideration the special tasks of the healthcare and nursing care regulation BGBl II No. 452/2005 (GuK-SV) in its currently valid version.

The study must qualify the graduates for their work in the surgical area. You must acquire the special as well as in-depth knowledge, abilities and behaviours, which are necessary for the realisation of these tasks, for your activity on the basis of a patient-oriented professional understanding and a close transfer between theory and practice.

Target group and admission prerequisites

Persons with professional authorisation for the higher level of the public civil service in the healthcare and nursing care

Contents and structure

The University Seminar – Special Training in the Surgical Area comprises 2 semesters with workload of 60 ECTS and consists of 600 teaching units of theoretical education and at least 540 hours of practical training. The remaining workload is made available for transfer tasks and self-study.

Study contents (on the basis of the GuK-SV 2005 in its currently valid version):

  • Professional treatment in the perioperative care
  • Theoretical aspects in the care
  • Nursing science, critical thinking and sources for the knowledge in the care
  • Professional science and legal principles
  • Patient management in the operation area
  • Perioperative planning and organisation
  • Communication and ethic
  • Economic principles
  • Hygiene management
  • Medical technology and medicinal products
  • Surgical anatomy
  • General and traumatic surgery areas
  • Special surgical areas
  • Principles of the anaesthesia and emergency medicine, including the pharmacology

Practical training:

  • General surgical area
  • Traumatic surgery special area
  • At least two special surgical areas
  • Validated preparation unit for medicinal products


After completing the University Seminar – Special Training in the Surgical Area, you receive the following degrees or rights:

  • Diploma for care in the surgical area
  • The right for performing a special task
  • The right to hold the additional title of academic expert for providing care in the surgical area

Dates & Costs

Start: February 2016 *)

Schedule for the first semester

  • 02/01 – 02/19/2016 (3 weeks)
  • 04/04 – 04/22/2015 (3 weeks)
  • 05/30 – 06/17/2016 (3 weeks)

Schedule for the second semester

  • 09/12 – 09/30/2016 (3 weeks)
  • 11/07. – 11/18/2016 (2 weeks)

Final examinations:

  • 12/12 – 12/15/2016 (4 days)

Academic graduation ceremony:

  • 01/19/2017

The practical training takes place as planned between the theoretical phases

Total costs:

4,753 Euros (excl. 10% VAT.)

*) Under reservation of the approval by the province of Salzburg.


Application documents:

The application must be submitted together with the required documents, see below, and the filled-out application form until the application deadline:

  • Application form
  • Infection protection requirement
  • Professional eligibility for the upper grade of the civil service for healthcare and nursing care – diploma (copy)
  • Third education year certificate, diploma examination certificate (copy)
  • Professional recognition (in the case of persons who have obtained a diploma in another country) (copy)
  • Proof of citizenship (copy)
  • If necessary, marriage certificate or divorce certificate (copy)

Please send the documents (no original documents and without application folder) to:

Paracelsus Medical University Salzburg
Attn.: Dipl.-Pflegepäd.(FH) Christine Schwarz-Winter
Strubergasse 21
5020 Salzburg

  • We are sorry, but incomplete application documents can not be taken into consideration.
  • The legal entity in agreement with the management of the ULG PiOP decides about the admission.
  • We are sorry but the application documents can not be returned; we ask for your understanding.

The AGBs are valid for accessing the continuous and further education offers of Paracelsus Medical University Salzburg – private foundation.


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