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Technology transfer

Head: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ludwig Aigner

Welcome to PMU's Technology Transfer. As part of the RIM, the TechTransfer Team deals with all aspects relating to Innovation, Knowledge and TechTransfer and is the central hub for health innovations for humans at PMU. We inform, advise and support you in all questions of cooperation between science and industry. Our service includes offers for researchers, inventors, potential investors and people at the university who want to start a business.

The aim is to help both internal and external inventors to create innovative ideas, discuss them [Kontakt], test them and also to commercialize them:

For these and many more questions that arise in the course of your research, we are at your side as a competent partner in the Innovation and Technology Transfer team.

Employee invention and patents (only for PMU employees)

Here you can find the form for employee inventions.

The site is currently under construction and will be updated continuously, details will follow.

Use of the innovation workshop infrastructure (scope and machines)

The Innovation Workshop (IW) can be seen as a "tool" to drive ideas and projects forward. Open idea exchange, active contribution and collaboration in finding solutions to clinical problems are provided as well as the infrastructure for fast, simple and interdisciplinary implementation of ideas into prototypes and their evaluation. Additionally, there is support by an expert-network from cooperating clinics, engineering, research and development institutes.

The Innovation Workshop is available to both employees and external customers and can draw on the following infrastructure:


  • medical Image Segmentation (Materialise)
  • CAD/ CAM (PTC)
  • 5 and 3 axis CNC milling machines (Fehlmann)
  • CNC lathe (Schäublin)
  • 3D Printer (Stratasys)
  • laser Welding Workstation (Rofin)
  • manual milling machine (Deckel)
  • manual lathe (Schäublin)
  • drilling machine (Fehlmann)
  • welding station (Fronius)
  • stock of tools
  • stock of materials

How to benefit from the workshop
The facilities of the IW are a perfect setup to create and test first prototypes.

For medical-clinical issues, the Innovation Workshop also has access to a fully equipped wetlab with the following equipment:

Anatomy Lab:

  • Siemens IsoC 3D C-Arm
  • radiolucent OR table
  • OR-lamp equipped with video camera
  • arthroscopy tower (Storz)
  • disinfection (Steris) & steam sterilization (KSG)
  • digital data acquisition
  • big range of surgical instruments
  • Siemens CT-Scanner (Summer 2016)

How to benefit from the anatomy lab
The anatomy lab is a perfect setup for evaluating prototypes and new surgical concepts
and also offers worldwide broadcast of surgical courses.

How to organize your Lab

  • contact us by phone or email
  • provide date and time of planned Wet Lab

We will check the availability and assist you in organizing the lab in cooperation with the Institute of Anatomy.

Exploitation and commercialization

For exploitation and commercialization, the doors of PMU Innovations GmbH (PMUI) are always open, especially to external inventors and innovators. The PMUI is a 100% owned subsidiary of the PMU and deals with the exploitation and commercialization of inventions and innovations. For this purpose, the PMUI can access the entire infrastructure of the IW.

For information on funding opportunities, visit the Research Funding page and contact the research management and technology transfer