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With 21 university institutes, three research centre and six research programs, jointly with the Salzburg university hospitals, a first-class educational offer and excellent research facilities could be created at the Salzburg location. The educational offer of Paracelsus University in Salzburg comprises the study of human medicine, pharmacy and nursing science as well as postgraduate doctorate study programs in medical science, molecular medicine and nursing & allied health sciences, along with many university study programs and continuous education programs.

The Nuremberg location was founded in 2014 in cooperation with the Nuremberg hospital. In August 2014, the first study year in human medicine started at the Paracelsus Medical Private University there. The human medicine study in Nuremberg is at the same level as the study in Salzburg as regards the curriculum, organisational structure, quality control and in all other study areas. The newly created departments of the institutes of anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology of Paracelsus University will be expanded shortly by the addition of a department of the Institute of pharmacology and toxicology.