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Clinical Research GmbH was founded in 2007 jointly by the Salzburg University Hospital and Paracelsus Medical University. Along with the comprehensive service for clinical studies (one-stop shop), courses and specific education and continuous education offers, for example about standards such as Good Clinical Practice (GCP), biostatistics, for study assistants and study nurses, are provided.

The CRCS conducts more than 100 clinical studies (mostly medicinal product tests, Phase 2 to 3) in 19 university hospitals in Salzburg and is well connected through the network of the Austrian Coordination Centres for Clinical Studies (KKS) and through the Research Network for Medicinal Products for Children (OKIDS) with other Austrian study centres.

In the simulation centre of the CRCS, medical simulation training is offered. In the areas anaesthesia and intensive medicine, endoscopy, interventional neurology and skills lab, trainings for physicians and nurses of all educational levels are performed. Annually, a total of about 200 students in human medicine and medical residents as well as about 250 employees from the university clinics for anaesthesiology and intensive medicine, emergency surgery, surgery, internal medicine, paediatrics and otorhinolaringology are trained.

Celericon Therapeutics GmbH:

Celericon Therapeutics GmbH was founded on 1st March 2018 and is registered in Salzburg/Austria as a 100% subsidiary of the Paracelsus Medical University Salzburg – private foundation (PMU), prepared to work with scientific and commercial partners.

PMU engages actively in research and development of Therapeutics in the field of regenerative Medicine since 2011.

Celericon Therapeutics GmbH is the hub of the PMU to engage in commercialisation of its research and development products.

PMU Innovations GmbH:

PMU Innovations GmbH (PMUI) was founded in 2016 by the Paracelsus Medical University. PMUI is dedicated to the promotion of healthcare innovations and its current fields of work and services provided are:

  • Hosting product development labs,
  • Prototype manufacturing,
  • MedTech consulting,
  • Development of in-house project.

Product development labs, prototype manufacturing and consulting are offered as a service. PMUI mainly focuses on a trauma-orthopedic environment, but also works on other clinical problems that can be addressed by mechanical approaches.

Development of in-house projects starts with submitted ideas and the definition and clear understanding of their inherent clinical problem. After positive evaluation of the technical solution to the problem (proof of concept), adequate funding is provided and the project can be started.

For the implementation of projects, PMUI operates an innovation center that offers a modern prototyping infrastructure. It is e.g. equipped with a 3D-printer, a laser welding machine, CNC machinery and so forth. Prototypes can be tested directly in the surgical lab at Paracelsus Medical University. Common to all fields of work is a corporate structure that enables short paths and quick decisions.

PMU Service GmbH:

PMU Service GmbH was founded in 2011. Der Paracelsus shop and the student residences are developed in the PMU Service GmbH.