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Student representation

From 19 to 21 May 2015, the nationwide elections for the Austrian Student Union (ÖH) took place, for the first time also in the Austrian private universities. Besides the ÖH federal representative, a university representative for the Paracelsus University was elected as well, and this year the students in the human medicine diploma study program were the only study program to already electa ÖH student representative.

University representative of Paracelsus University

The "PMU-Medizin Salzburg & Nuremberg" roster was elected as university representative at PMU with 6 mandates. The roster has elected unanimously from their group Lukas Steinkellner as chairman of the private university representation of the students at the Paracelsus Medical Private University. Fabian Stangl was elected as first deputy and Christoph Radtke was elected as second deputy. In the future, the chairman will attend to the representation of the student interests at university level.

ÖH human medicine study program representation

Katharina Neudorfer
and Tobias Truckenbrodt were elected as mandataries in the human medicine study program representation. The election participation was at 46.6%; 88 students (from 189 students entitled to vote) made use of their voting right.