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Salzburg Medical Simulation Center

Medical Simulation Center

The Medical Simulation Center is part of the Clinical Research Center Salzburg GmbH, a partnership of Paracelsus Medical Private University Salzburg and the Salzburg state hospitals, founded in 2007. As a bridge between science and the economy, the Clinical Research Center (CRCS) makes additional research means for the Salzburg university hospitals and Paracelsus University possible.

As a study coordination center, the Clinical Research Centrer Salzburg also offers, along with coordination of various studies for relieving the study partner, further development of the competence in the clinical studies area at Paracelsus University. As education and further education partner, CRCS offers the conceptualisation and realisation of trainings, workshops, seminars and congresses in the study area and operates the Medical Simulation Center Salzburg, where internal and external education and further education of medical professionals and nurses is taking place.

The CRCS website can be accessed here.

Simulation training

Medical simulation is developing as a standard in the education and further education of medical and nursing personnel at all educational levels. The safety of the patients is in the center of the efforts. With this, incident management is trained under conditions that are close to the reality. This allows to learn from errors that do not harm any real patients. The central aspects of the training are the live transmissions and the video-supported, structured debriefing of the scenarios. Here, the focus is on the self-reflection and the jointly lived out solution strategies.

There are simulations for all qualification levels: From the student, through the intern, the physician specialist, senior physician, and up to the chief physician.  For the well-being of the patients, the training takes place on medical simulators in order to guarantee highest quality of the treatment and the safety of the patients. Both standard cases and crisis situations are trained. What sets this method apart from others is that all situations can be trained and, if necessary, repeated as often as necessary. All this takes place under the observation and with feedback from the physicians and nurses who are professional simulation trainers. All trainings can be offered in inter-professional manner – i.e. professional groups are offered jointly for physicians and nursing personnel. The main points in the contents and the scenarios are adapted to the individual needs of the clients.
In the Medical Simulation Center Salzburg, not only internal trainings for the university hospital and Paracelsus University are offered, but also customised trainings for external clients and partners.

Training models

Interdisciplinary crises resource management for anaesthesia and intensive medicine on a human patient simulator

The Medical Simulation Center Salzburg offers both full-day as well as half-day trainings at different levels. In these, the goal-oriented communication, smooth cooperation, anticipation, optimal use of the resources and error-preventing strategies are some important contents.

Along with the internal and external anaesthesia and intensive team trainings, intern and student trainings are taking place as well. New after autumn 2012 are the interdisciplinary trauma room trainings with physicians, nurses and other employees from the trauma surgery, anaesthesia, intensive medicine and radiology.

Skills Training

Students, nurses and physicians can train here the various examination techniques with normal or pathological samples on models that are close to the reality. Also simple interventions such as placing a vein catheter or bladder catheter are possible.

Advanced skills on GI-Mentor and Lap-Mentor

  • Keyhole surgery
  • Gastroscopy, colonoscopy
  • Basic skill and up to complex operations
  • For students and physicians
  • For trainers from the areas of surgery, medicine, paediatric surgery, gynaecology

You can find more detailed information on the CRCS website.


Prof. Dr. med. univ. Florian Lagler
Head of the Institute for Metabolic Disease
Geschäftsführer Clinical Research Center Salzburg GmbH
Simulation Center

Phone: +43 662 2420-80760