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Paracelsus Today

Paracelsus Today presents the activities of Paracelsus Medical Private University and its environment to an interested reading public.

Media data

The companies can present their products or services with an ad placement and emphasise their affinity to research, innovation and education.

Media owners and publishers

Paracelsus Medical Private University
Salzburg Private Foundation
Strubergasse 21, 5020 Salzburg

Magazine management and publishers

Schoba & Partner GmbH
Friaulweg 4, 8010 Graz
CEO Eva Schoba
+43 (0)316 / 820082


Dr. Gottfried Stienen

Head Manager

Sabine Ritzinger

Art Director

Josef Wiedenig


m4! Media services
GmbH & Co KG,
Schönaugasse 64, 8010 Graz


40 pages


210 mm x 280 mm


Styria GmbH & Co KG

Minimum print run

34,000 pieces

Publication cycle

3 times per year

  • Presse-Abonnenten im Raum Wien, Salzburg, OÖ, NÖ, Tirol
  • ÖBB-Werbemittelverteilung auf der Westbahnstrecke
  • Distribution in the academic teaching hospitals and at conferences,
    symposiums, …
  • Distribution to partners, sponsors, politicians, teachers, ...
  • 9,600 doctor's offices in the areas of Salzburg, Vienna, Lower Austria, Styria, Upper Austria and Bavaria


Dr. Gottfried Stienen
Head of Fundraising & Corporate Communications | stv. Kanzler

Phone: +43 662 2420-80110
Mobile: +43 699 14420020
Sabine Ritzinger
Corporate Communications
Corporate Communications & Press Relations

Phone: +43 662 2420-80112
Mobile: +43 699 14420044