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Bachelor and master study in pharmacy

"State-of-the-art" pharmacy study

Paracelsus Medical Private University offers a bachelor and master study in pharmacy at the Salzburg location, starting with the winter semester 2017/18.

The innovative practice-related curriculum forms the basic natural science orientation of the pharmacy already early in the study program and particularly takes into account the aspects of the clinical pharmacy as well as the interrelation between the pharmaceutic theory and practice. In this way, the natural sciences-based teaching is expanded and upgraded with market-relevant and healthcare policy aspects which become increasingly important. In addition, the teaching of social, communication, methodological and self-competence as well as ethic-moral competence, and also coveying knowledge about the healthcare economy and business is an important component of the curriculum.

The compact, clearly structured study program and an excellent study organisation are the key to the quick learning success and allow the short duration of the study program of only five years.

The bachelor study ends with the degree of Bachelor of Science (BSc), and the master study with the degree of Magister in Pharmacy (Mag. pharm.).

Basic features & characteristics

Innovative practice-related curriculum

  • The natural science based orientation with modular structure and focus on the patient- and client-oriented pharmaceutic care
  • Short, five-year full-time study
  • Optimal interconnection between the pharmaceutic theory and practice
  • Integration of business-related, economic and healthcare policy contents
  • Strengthening the social, communication, methodological and self-competence as well as the ethic-moral competence
  • Interprofessional cooperation
  • Internships in all pharmaceutic professional fields

Excellent relationship between teachers and students

  • Personal and organisational care
  • Organisation of the course of the study program through local guidance of the study programs
  • Continuous quality assurance in the teaching
  • Modern teaching methods and intensive learning in small groups

Highly modern research environment

  • Pharmazeutic institute with three departments
  • Close cooperation with the pharmaceutic industry and the Salzburg University Hospital as well as with other national and international partners

Modern infrastructure

  • Sufficient offer of laboratory and internship places and thus no waiting times
  • Practical exercises pharmacy

Internationality in research and teaching

  • Foreign country semester in the fourth study year (optional)
  • Acquisition of specific terminology in English


Study structure and content

Basic information

Study form: Full-time study

Total duration of the study 5 years (10 semesters)

ECTS total: 300

Degree of Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Pharmacy: 180 ECTS, 6 semesters

Degree of Magister of Pharmacy (Mag. pharm.): 120 ECTS, 4 semesters


The curriculum is modular in order to allow interconnected learning of related contents of the particular  courses. The individual modules are built longitudinally in eight tracks one on the other:

  1. Basic principles: 75 ECTS, 1-6 semester
  2. Pharmaceutic chemistry: 39 ECTS, 2-7 semester
  3. Pharmacology: 64 ECTS, 3-10 semester
  4. Pharmaceutic technology: 35 ECTS, 4-8 semester
  5. Scientific competence: 46.5 ECTS, 1-10 semester
  6. Social communicative competence: 16.5 ECTS, 1-9 semester
  7. Business management: 8 ECTS, 5-6 semester
  8. Pharmaceutic practical training: 16 ECTS, 8-10 semester

The classical pharmaceutic contents are adapted to each other, built up one upon the other and conveyed in the tracks basic principles, pharmaceutic chemistry, pharmacology and pharmaceutic Technology.

Along with the consistent acquisition of special knowledge and skills, the action competence is an important part of the education model at Paracelsus Medical University. Therefore, important competence fields are developed systematically in certain specially profiled course in the course of the five years of study:  

Scientific competence
Acquiring skills for independent scientific work

Social/communicative competence
Acquiring skills for the handling of social situation in the healthcare and in patient care as well as attentiveness & self-guidance, professionalism & leadership in the relations with a multidisciplinary teams

The curriculum is oriented, on the one hand, to the goal for high practical relevance, and on the other hand, to the equality in the education for the different pharmaceutic fields of activity. This is reflected above all in the relocation of the practice in all possible fields of professional activity at the end of the study, so that the students can apply and interconnect in the practice their acquired knowledge until now and expand it with experience from the professional context outside of the university. This is reflected further in the adding of practice-relevant contents in the curriculum such as business management for pharmacists or social-communicative competences.

General conditions of the education contract

An education contract regulates the various rights and obligations of the students and the university with the objective to achieve the educational goal by fulfilment of the contractual obligations.

The education contract regulates the following:

  • Obligations of the university
  • Obligations of the students
  • Fees
  • The educational location as place of execution
  • Contract duration/early termination
  • Legal domicile
  • Severability clause
  • Written form
  • Approval for data processing
  • Note about the ÖH fee
  • Signatures


Further informations:

We are pleased to inform you about all details regarding the application, admission, scholarships, study structure, study courses and specific features of the study of pharmacy and show you the premises of our university at the respective study Location. Feel free to contact us for an individual consultation.

Admission prerequisites

The study program in pharmacy is generally accessible under the condition of fulfilling the following admission prerequisites and successful completion of the admission procedure. No study transfer is possible.

Note: The pharmacy master study section is offered for a first time in the winter semester of 2020/21. The admission in the pharmacy master’s degree study program is possible – depending on the available study places (max. 50) – only after fulfillment of certain prerequisites.

Admission prerequisites

General university entrance qualification

The general university entrance qualification must be proven through one of the following certificates:

  • Austrian university entrance certificate, including a university entrance examination certificate. Study applicants with university entrance examination certificate must submit proof for the partial exams (German, mathematics, English and the subject areas healthcare and social care) required by the 68th Federal Act on the university entrance certificate from 2008.
  • Other Austrian certificate about recognition of the entitlement to study. The examinations in at least the following subjects are considered as study entitlement examinations: German essay, biology and environmental science, physics 1 (mandatory subjects). For the study entitlement, the following fields of study are considered as fulfilling the admission prerequisites as study entitlement examinations: Human medicine and veterinary medicine.
  • Foreign country certificates which are equivalent to one of these Austrian certificates on the basis of an international agreement or based on a recognition agreement, or upon decision by the rectorate in exceptional cases.
  • Certificates for a graduation from an at least three-year study at a recognised domestic or foreign post-secondary higher educational establishment.

Language-based admission prerequisites:

Good command of the German language (level C1) and the English language (level B2) is a prerequisite. If the command of these languages at the required level is not clear from the written application documents, the management of the study program can request, in individual cases, an adequate proof. The additional exam in Latin must be passed until the end of the first year of study, if this subject has not been completed successfully at a higher-level school in a program with at least 10 hours per week.


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Course Administration of pharmacy bachelor and master studies

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Course Administration of pharmacy bachelor and master studies

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Isabella Söllinger, BEd, MEd
Course Administration of pharmacy bachelor and master studies

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Pharmacy bachelor and master studies
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