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Study in human medicine

The goal of the degree study program in human medicine at Paracelsus Medical Private University (PMU) is to educate competent and scientifically thinking physicians. Our graduates must be adequate to the requirements of modern medicine and practice humane, patient-oriented medicine.

75 students are admitted per year at the Salzburg location, 50 students at the Nuremberg location. They are selected in an elaborate, three-stage admission procedure. Hereby we are oriented towards socially engaged and highly motivated applicants who bring clearly expressed interest in man as biological and social being and in the natural-science and psychosocial aspects of the diseases.

The human medicine curriculum of Paracelsus University was accredited in 2002 and since then it has been re-accredited in regular intervals. The structure of the study content is oriented to the modern American medical schools. The successful completion of the first part of the American entrance examination (USMLE Step 1) is obligatory at Paracelsus University and is a necessary condition for the completion of the course of study. The study ends with the degree of "Dr. med. univ." and is internationally recognised.

Study locations and partners in the study

The degree study program human medicine has been offered in Salzburg (Austria) since 2003 and since 2014 also in Nuremberg (Germany). The study is supported by the university’s own institutes and their departments, academic teaching hospitals, general medicine teaching practices and external instructors at the respective study location.

Important partners in the clinical area are the Salzburg University Hospital and the Nuremberg Hospital. In the natural sciences area, the medical education is carried out, among others, by qualified lecturers at the Natural Sciences Faculty of the Paris Lodron University in Salzburg and at the Technical University Georg Simon Ohm. In the fourth and fifth study year, the students can complete a study stay abroad at international partners within the framework of the research trimester and the clinical internship.

Study fees, scholarships and financing

As a private university, we do not receive any support from the Ministry of Science and thus we charge a study fee. This fee is low within the framework of international comparison. With the help of scholarships and other financial assistance, it is ensured that the financial aspects are not selection criteria. It is very important to us that social circumstances do not prevent anyone from the possibility to study at out university.

Study fee

From 2018 academic year, the study fee is EUR 14,700. It has to be paid in advance for the academic year. The payment is specified in the study contract concluded between the university and the student.

In addition, living costs, the costs for laptop, textbooks, lecture notes, USMLE Step1 examination fee, etc. for the course of studies must be taken into account.

No state study fee has to be paid.

Public study grants

The students at the private universities are equated to the students at the Austrian state universities in the law of aliens and student grants areas. Every student with domestic nationality can request public student assistance. The student assistance is a means of financial support for the students by the state in accordance with the student assistance law. More details under:

Family allowances

The provisions regarding the claim to family allowances, co-insurance of children as well as the taxation provisions are applicable to all students at private universities.

Merit-based scholarship at Paracelsus University

Merit-base scholarships are paid every year to the students at Paracelsus Medical Private University. These are awarded at the end of each academic year for each class at the amount between 750 and 1500 Euros depending on the achieved ECTS-weighed grade point average.

The details for the requirements of Paracelsus University in Salzburg and the financing model of Paracelsus University in Nuremberg can be found in the download section.

Contact Salzburg

Mag. Doris Carstensen, MBA
Course Director of Medicine | Salzburg

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Magdalena Anna Mühlböck, MA
Course Administration of Medicine | Salzburg

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Contact Nuremberg

Dr. Ines Spieler, MME
Course Director of Medicine | Nürnberg

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Course Administration of Medicine | Nuremberg

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