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Research management

The Research Office was created in 2004 for support and organisation of the research agendas of Paracelsus Medical University. It functions as a service office and information hub for researchers of the university, the university hospital and the partner institutions of Paracelsus University. In addition, the bureau also mentors students and other people involved in the research and persons interested in research.

Our vision

Science and teaching are connected inseparably with each other, they need each other and always call for critical analysis of and reflection on the current knowledge, require open state of mind and innovative handling of the new and unknown. These are the indispensable prerequisites for a high-level university that place the highest demands on itself. Therefore, science and research are an integrative component of the medical teaching and education at Paracelsus Medical University.

Research is not only important for the medical progress; it also creates regional and international cooperation and connections to industry and economy. Therefore, one of the most important goals of Paracelsus Medical University is to secure and expand the science location Salzburg .

Areas of activity

The focal points of the activities of the Research Office are in the following areas:

  • Development of synergies for strengthening the efficiency of the research activities
  • Internal research support by five research support programs created by the university and two science prizes, as well as certification and/or awarding in two external research support programs
  • Support in the case of grant application and grant administration
  • Collection of research-relevant data and quality control
  • Maintenance and upkeep of research-relevant databases
  • Biostatistics service
  • Implementation and evaluation of research institutions of Paracelsus University
  • Support in research-relevant legal issues
  • Information service and research newsletter "GRIP"