Cooperation for international networking with the PMU
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The international networking in the study and research is one of the central characteristic features of Paracelsus Medical University. The cosmopolitan attitude of the university is expressed in many ways: from the intensive competence exchange, through the top class networks – in particular in the other European countries and the United States – and up to the consistent support of the foreign language competence of the students. This clearly expressed international self-perception has proved to be extremely attractive for the students, teachers and researchers.

On the national and regional levels, the university is best interconnected in the form of various cooperation contracts. In particular, the long and intensive cooperation with the Natural Science Faculty of the Salzburg University has to be mentioned, as well as the cooperation with the Salzburg University Hospital and the 21 teaching hospitals in Austria and in the neighbouring countries, which make a very important contribution to the theoretical and practical education of the students. At the Nuremberg location, the Paracelsus University cooperates with the Nuremberg Hospital and Georg Simon Ohm Technical University.