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Nuremberg library

The scientific library provides to the Nuremberg Hospital and Paracelsus University in Nuremberg books, journals and electronic media, indexes them and makes them available.

The library is located at Klinikum Nuremberg-Nord, building 47, second


  • Stefan Henkel, Librarian, Telephone: +49 911 398 – 2534, Fax DW: 3404
  • Ulrike Müller, Librarian, Telephone: +49 911 398 – 2534, Fax DW: 3772


  • Pubmed - Medical database of the "National Library of Medicine"
  • Web of Science (access only for students and employees of Paracelsus University and employees of the Nuremberg Hospital.)- Natural sciences literature database offers comprehensive citation analysis possibilities
  • meddb - Portal for free medical and molecular biology databases; also contains image databases
  • Medpilot
  • Authors guidelines for medical journals

Document delivery services