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Connect from off campus (EZproxy)

EZproxy for Off-Campus Access

The external access to databases, electronic journals, and e-books, licensed to the University and the University Hospital, is only available to:

  • Employees of Paracelsus Medical Private University
  • Physicians at University Hospital Salzburg
  • Students at Paracelsus Medical Private University

EZproxy enables remote access to licensed electronic resources of the University Library. This service functions without the installation of additional software. All you need is a web browser.

How to connect to EZproxy:

  • Log in to the EZproxy homepage with your PMU user ID:


  • After successful login, you will be directed to the library’s homepage. Select on the library site the online catalog, e-books, the Database-Infosystem (DBIS) or the Electronic Journals Library (EZB). There you search for the desired databases, journals or e-books.
  • If you enter a URL directly into the browser, address bar, or access pages from the library homepage that do not lead to providers of our licensed offerings, you automatically leave the external access (EZproxy). In this case, return to the EZproxy start page or use the back-button in your browser.

If you are still connected through EZproxy, the URL contains the affix "ez.srv.pmu.ac.at".


If you do not work on your own computer, you should always log out at the end of your session.

Alternatively: Log in subsequently with the bookmarklet of EZproxy

The EZproxy bookmarklet allows you to log in to the individual licensed resource as needed. For example, you are searching outside of the campus network and find an article in Nature magazine. Instead of logging in via the home page, you click on the bookmarklet (previously saved as a bookmark), which leads to the EZproxy login. Once you have logged in, you will be returned to the article page without further action, but you will now have access to the full texts.

On the websites of some providers, the bookmarklet does not work, e.g. Verlag Thieme and Web of Science.

Install a bookmarklet: For step-by-step instructions watch the video.


To take advantage of EZproxy you will need to make sure your browser is configured to:

  • allow pop-up windows
  • accept third-party cookies
  • enable javascript

The browser bookmarklet can be added to iOS, Android and most browsers including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and IE.

Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox: Drag the EZproxy button to your bookmarks toolbar.
Microsoft EDGE, Firefox users: Drag the EZproxy button to your favorites bar.


Add following link to your toolbar/favorites bar
javascript:(function(){(document.location.href='https://ez.srv.pmu.ac.at/login?url='+ document.location.href)})();

Conditions of use

Conditions of use for external access

The external access to databases, electronic journals and e-books which have been licensed for the university and the university hospital is permitted exclusively to the employees and students of Paracelsus Medical Private University and the physicians of the Salzburg university hospital.

The full texts may be printed out or saved only for personal use, for research purposes and for

A systematic downloading of full texts or search results is prohibited.
The transfer to third parties is not permitted either electronically or in a printed form.
The access data may not be made available or transferred to third parties.
Do not permit any other persons to make research after logging with your personal access