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Public Health – The online degree program

Starting in May 2019, the Paracelsus Medical University (PMU) will be offering a master's degree in Public Health at the Salzburg campus (subject to accreditation by AQ Austria). Unique for the German speaking area, this is designed as an online degree program, which can be completed extra-occupational.

The Public Health master's program has a global, interprofessional and research-oriented profile. Students will be awarded the "Master of Science in Public Health" (MScPH) after successfully completing their studies (four semesters / 120 ECTS).


Unique to German-speaking countries, we regularly offer international lecturers from relevant organizations (EU, WHO and funding agencies, from Europe, USA, Scandinavia and New Zealand). There also is the opportunity to earn an additional "Certificate in Global Health" from an accredited US state university (Department of Public Health: University of North Florida, FL, USA). With this degree program, we would like to educate scientifically qualified junior Public Health researchers, who:

  • know the causes of health and illness and understand the frequency and distribution of disease in the population (applied epidemiology)

  • raise awareness about social and environmental factors influencing health (prevention and health promotion)

  • put into practice public health concepts and complex issues utilizing an interdisciplinary perspective (health science: public health)

  • critically view global health practices and evaluate them for scientific value (global health)

  • use and assess concepts of health and quality management in healthcare (health management)

  • are able to further develop and evaluate structures in healthcare and health services (health systems and healthcare research)

  • evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of different health promotion and disease prevention as well as therapeutic measures (evidence-based decision-making)

  • are able to assess the effectiveness of healthcare technologies, processes and procedures (health technology assessment)

  • are able to evaluate structural and organizational framework conditions and costs by means of scientific theories and methods (health economics)

  • can further develop and evaluate innovations in healthcare (including eHealth / digitization and medical technology)

  • are able to advance the social and ethical implications for sustainable health development in the context of a health-promoting overall policy (health policy).

Study structure and content

The master's program Master of Science in Public Health is designed to be an extra-occupational degree program that combines online / in-class study and offers a personalized support and advising system in addition to online learning content that can be completed individually and flexibly around the clock. In-class sessions amount to a total of 2 weeks during the two-year degree program.

Form of study: Online degree program, extra-occupational

Study start: May 2019 (subject to accreditation), entry is possible at any time

Study duration: 4 semesters (customized)

Workload:120 ECTS

Tuition fee

The tuition fees are to be paid annually and amount to € 4,800 per academic year (competence level) (plus an annual valorization, examination fees and a one-time fee for university registration and technical package). More Information will follow.

Course Contents

1st academic year / 1st competence level

  • Scientific competence: fundamentals
  • Prevention and health promotion
  • Health Science: Public Health 1
  • Epidemiology 1 (introduction and clinical epidemiology)
  • Health systems
  • Scientific competence: methods and internship
  • Primary healthcare and healthcare research
  • Health Science: Public Health 2
  • Epidemiology 2 (acute and chronic diseases)
  • Global Health
  • Specialization (English for public health professionals / Innovations in healthcare – Medical engineering / Elective courses)

2nd academic year / 2nd competence level

  • Scientific competence: advanced
  • Health economics and health policy
  • Evidence-based decision-making
  • Scientific competence: communication
  • Healthcare management
  • Health Technology Assessment (HTA)
  • Specialization (English writing / Clinical studies: planning, execution and submission / Elective courses)
  • Master’s thesis

Study Contract

A study contract governs the reciprocal rights and obligations of the student and the university with the aim of achieving the educational objectives by fulfilling these contractual obligations. In particular, the study contract regulates:

  • Obligations of the university
  • Obligations of the student
  • Fees
  • Place of study
  • Contract duration / early termination
  • Jurisdiction
  • Consent to data processing
  • Note about the OeH fee
  • Signatures
  • Other